UNITROL Solution 9380 – Frequency Converter Control Specifications

WELDING MODESSPOT, SEAM, ROLL-SPOTOperates selected welding mode
COUNTERCounts welds or finished parts0 – 65,500Production control
TIP ARC CONTACTORShorts transformer windingsEliminates arcing at electrodes
KEYBOARD KEYLOCKPrevents program changesEliminates unauthorized changes
RETRACTOperates RETRACT solenoidSets large or small electrode opening
KEY LOCK RAM FCTN.Can operate key locked ramsLocks retract head on Sciaky-type welders
DUAL HEATTwo independent weld schedules from the 75 in memoryWelding two thickness combinations in one handling
SQUEEZE TIMEDwell before firing0-99 cyclesFire after electrodes are closed
WELDMain weld heat0-99 cycles
0-99 impulses
0-99% heat
0-99 cool cy.
Main heat for all welding programs
DECAY-WELDRamp down of heat after weld0-99 cycles
0-99% heat
Control heat cracking; Smooth transition between impulses
HOLD TIMEDwell after welding0-99 cyclesAllows nugget to cool
SCHEDULE MEMORYInstant recall of complete welding schedules75 complete schedulesInstant setup for welding of common metal combinations
PREHEATHeat sequence before weld0-99 cycles
0-99 impulses
0-99% heat
0-99 cool cy.
Controls heat when welding heavy parts
DECAY-PREHEATDynamic lowering of heat after preheat0-99 cycles
0-99% heat
Control heat cracking; Smooth transition between impulses
QUENCH & TEMPERCool and reheat at end of welding sequence0-99 cycles
0-99 impulses
0-99% heat
0-99 cool cy.
Reduces brittleness in high carbon steels
REPEATAutomatic opening & closing of tips while initiation is closed0-99 cyclesAllows “automatic” operation of welder on long rows of repetitive welds
WATER SAVER DRIVEROperates water saver solenoid1 minuteTurns water off 1 minute after last weld
TIP FORCECalculate needed pressure0-9,999 lbFast setups for WELD and FORGE
PRECOMPRESSION, POSTCOMPRESSIONTimed high pressure before first heat0-99 cycles ON
0-99 cy delay
Lowers surface resistance at start of weld for consistency
FORGE DELAYTimed delay of high pressure0-99 cyclesReduces nugget internal cracking

UNITROL Solution 9380 – Frequency Converter Control Specifications

DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE TRANSDUCER9381-05Starts weld when program-selected TIP FORCE is reached1-9,999 lb WELD
1-9,999 lb FORGE
Precision TIP FORCE at beginning of each weld.
Verification at end of weld
24VDC OUTPUT9381-30SUPPLY 24VDC FOR VALVESDrives 24VDC solenoid valves on welder
9181-16 (single)
Keypad set of WELD and FORGE forces from program lines0-99 psiEliminates manual pressure regulator setting
WELD CURRENT MONITOR9181-22BWarns each weld if current is out of range. Locks electrodes closed0-150,000AQuality control of every weld
Serial port for data exportRS-232 RS-485Data logging of welding current and tip force


  1. Single or Two-level foot switch operation, single or dual schedule select.
  2. Dual hand switch anti-tiedown, single or dual schedule select.


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