Capacitor Discharge Welders (CD Welding)

CD Welders for nut welding, stud welding, and fastener resistance welding applications

What is Capacitor Discharge Resistance Welding (CD Welding)?

Capacitor discharge welding is the fastest form of resistance welding. Sometimes referred to as capacitive discharge or CD welding, capacitor discharge resistance welding, stores energy from a capacitor bank for extremely fast release of energy with large peak currents. Using stored energy, welding times are short and concentrated. This results in more energy into weld formation and less into heating the surrounding material. Furthermore, the heat-affected weld zone, where the properties of the metal have been changed is smaller. This minimizes changes in the metallurgy of the workpiece.

Common CD resistance welding applications:

  • Nut welding
  • Stud welding
  • Weld bolts
  • Projection weld nuts
  • Flange nuts
  • Threaded studs
  • Conventional steels
  • Hot-stamped high-boron steels
  • Press hardened steels
  • AlSi-coated hot-formed parts
  • Advanced high strength steels (AHSS)
Capacitor Discharge Welders | CD Welding Machinery | Weld Systems Integrators

Weld Systems Integrators, a capacitor discharge welding machine manufacturer, has proven results and welding solutions for tough-to-weld materials and applications.

Weld Systems Integrators manufacturers capacitor discharge welding machines for a variety of processes, including projection welding of fasteners to hot-stamped boron steel and advanced high strength steels. We manufactured our first capacitor discharge resistance welder in 2007. That CD welder is still in production today. And continues to make great welds and great parts. Through the years, we’ve had OEM’s, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers bring parts to our Welding Lab and we have demonstrated consistent results.

Types of Capacitor Discharge Welders include:

Stand Alone Pedestal Capacitor Discharge Welders

  • Single Stationary Head
  • Two Selectable Head Configurations

Multi-Station Capacitor Discharge Welders

  • Two Selectable Head Configurations
  • Three Selectable Head Configurations

LEARN MORE about the types of capacitor discharge welders, equipment, and systems from Weld Systems Integrators. WSI CD welders are MADE IN THE USA at our Warrensville Heights, OHIO location. Give us a call for IN-STOCK inventory.

Capacitor Discharge Resistance Welding Video – Projection welding of fasteners to hot stamped boron steel:

Welding Fasteners to Press-Hardened Materials

Want to learn more about projection welding of fasteners, including flange nuts and threaded studs to hot stamped boron and press-hardened steels, where an AlSi coating is present?


NEW FROM WSI: 12,000 Joule Capacitive Discharge Welder from Weld Systems Integrators

Weld Systems Integrators is pleased to announce our next generation 12,000 Joule (12kJ) Capacitive Discharge (CD) Welder. WSI CD welders are ideal for projection welding fasteners, with standard or ring-type projections, to Hot Stamped Aluminum Silicate (AlSi) coated materials, Galvanized, and other coated materials.


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