ValuePress Resistance Welders

NEW Configurable Resistance Welder for Spot, Projection, and Combined Spot / Projection Welding Applications

Weld Systems Integrators NEW ValuePress Resistance Welders are manufactured to the highest standards for a lifetime of performance and reliability. Best of all, ValuePress welders can be configured for many different welding applications without sacrificing features found on larger welders.

WSI welders are an excellent choice for stand-alone tasks. They can be coupled with value-added feeding equipment or tooling with parts eject system for ease and speed of operator use. Projection and spot welding machines can also be integrated into a manufacturing system, part of a work task cell, integrated into a robot cell, or designed into multi-spot requirement applications.

  • Solid rigid frame construction for minimal deflection
  • Available in AC, AC Inverter, and MFDC up to 20kA max secondary current
  • Solid copper secondaries, silver-plated for MFDC
  • Configurable for platen mounted tooling and arms
  • Open construction for the addition of nut feeders
  • Ideal for robotic cell applications
  • Rugged ram construction using linear slide for alignment
  • Lightweight aluminum ram with follow-up
  • Customer selectable weld controls
  • Industry-standard components
  • Process monitoring equipment available
  • Fastener detection systems available
  • Custom tooling
  • Color-coded hose for air and water
WSI ValuePress | Weld Systems Integrators

Made in USA | Weld Systems Integrators

Platen mountings for tooling Custom tooling and arms configuration Configured for many different welding applications Available transformers:
AC, AC Inverter, and MFDC
ValuePress Platen Mountings | Weld Systems Integrators ValuePress Tooling | Weld Systems Integrators ValuePress Welding | Weld Systems Integrators ValuePress Transformer | Weld Systems Integrators

The WSI ValuePress Resistance Welder is ideal for:

  • Stud and nut welding
  • Projection welding
  • Limited floor space applications
  • Robotic applications
  • Lower cost investment
  • Custom power (AC and MFDC) configurations
  • Customer selectable weld controls

Click here to download the NEW WSI ValuePress brochure in PDF format.

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Weld Systems Integrators designs, engineers, and manufactures our welders in the USA using domestically sourced components. This eliminates delays in parts, serviceability, and repairs. WSI utilizes carefully selected and mated transformers and controls engineered specifically to work together for superior performance.

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