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Weld Systems Integrators is a stocking distributor of UNITROL resistance welding controls and water chillers. Furthermore, we keep an inventory of IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.

UNITROL Electronics specializes in resistance (spot) welding controls, soft-touch spot welder pinch-point safety systems, water chillers and coolers, temperature feedback resistance brazing and other resistance welding technologies.

UNITROL Electronics Resistance Welding Controls

UNITROL manufactures single and 3-phase Microcomputer solid-state resistance welding control systems using either keypad or thumbwheel data entry. Controls are manufactured to handle welders from 1 KVA to 3,000 KVA and larger.

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Solution-1 Solutioni Solution-2 Solution-3 Simplicity
UNITROL Welding Controls Solution UNITROL Welding Controls Solutioni UNITROL Welding Controls Solution 2 UNITROL Welding Controls Solution 3
Fire’N Module Phase Shift Accustart Instabraze Soft-Touch
UNITROL Welding Controls Fire-N Module - Series 9190 UNITROL Welding Controls - Phase Shift - 9190 PSS Series UNITROL Welding Controls - Accustart UNITROL Welding Controls - Instabraze UNITROL Welding Controls Soft-Touch

UNITROL Electronics Process Water Chillers From 1/3 to 50 Tons

UNITROL manufactures “AUTOMOTIVE GRADE” chillers, complete with features that are extra cost or not available on traditional “commercial grade” chillers. Furthermore, UNITROL industrial water chillers are designed to handle a large variety of industrial water cooling applications.

All UNITROL spot welder chillers are self-contained, closed-loop refrigeration systems which recirculate a continuous supply of cold water virtually eliminating all water consumption.

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UNITROL Industrial Water Chiller | Weld Systems Integrators

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