Press Type Spot Welders and Press / Projection Type Welders

Standard and Custom Resistance Press Welders FOR SALE

WSI Series and WSI-TECNA Press Type Spot Welders for Resistance Welding Applications

Press-type spot welders and press / projection-type welders in standard and custom configurations FOR SALE from Weld Systems Integrators, a resistance welding equipment manufacturer. Our machines are among the most versatile resistance welders available.

Resistance press welders operate differently than rocker arm spot welders. With a rocker arm welder, the lower arm (usually adjustable up and down) is stationary during the weld. The upper arm is not adjustable, but pivots into the weld position, forming the weld circuit.

WSI Series and WSI-TECNA press welders on the other hand use either platens or weld arms. The upper electrode and weld head move vertically. The lower electrode is adjusted vertically, allowing for different electrode gaps. Furthermore, the lower electrode remains in a fixed position during the weld process. Common uses include fastener and stud welding because of this vertical action.

Projection welding applications often use platens with t-slots for fixture and tool mounting. Weld arm configurations are more commonly used for spot welding applications. Platens and weld arms are most often made of copper or class 2 copper alloy.

WSI Series and WSI-TECNA Press-Type and Press/Projection-Type Welders
Press-Type Spot Welders
Press-Type Spot Welders
Press / Projection-Type Welders
WSI Series Press-Type Spot Welder | Weld Systems Integrators TECNA Press Type Spot Welder | Weld Systems Integrators TECNA Press / Projection Type Spot Welder | Weld Systems Integrators

Press Welder Strengths:

  • Fastener, nut, and stud welding
  • Performing welding operations in tight spaces
  • High electrode force applications
  • Projection welding applications
  • Applications requiring specialized tooling
  • Frequent tooling changes

WSI Series – Versatile / Adjustable / Flexible

WSI Series air-operated and water-cooled welders are heavy-duty and durable. MADE IN THE USA at our Warrensville Heights, OHIO location our welders are manufactured for many years of consistent, reliable service.

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WSI-TECNA – Resistance welding production at an affordable price

WSI-TECNA press-type and press / projection-type welders are available in single-phase AC, 3-phase DC, and 3-phase MFDC configurations. WSI is stocking master distributor of TECNA industrial resistance welders and tool balancers. (a division of WSI), stocks, sells, repairs, and supports our TECNA inventory.

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