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UNITROL Welding Controls Solution 2

There is now an affordable resistance welding control that combines all of the unique features of the original Unitrol Solution with additional functions that…

  • Eliminate the need for PLC controls
  • Provide 26 to 46 input/output functions
  • Eliminate complex codes
  • Do not require ladder logic programming
  • Allow you to simply do more complex things


Think of the SOLUTION-2 programming as connecting a series of LINKS in a CHAIN. Each LINK of the CHAIN contains a PROGRAM.

Each PROGRAM consists of a complete set of instructions that you enter to operate valves, check inputs, and if desired, do a complete weld sequence (SQUEEZE, WELD, HOLD, etc.) There is space for 70 complete PROGRAMS in the SOLUTION-2 solid state (no battery) memory.

Notice that since the same PROGRAM can be used in any number of LINKS, it is only necessary to enter the repetitive operations one time.

UNITROL Solution 2 | Weld Systems Integrators

The SOLUTION-2 then performs the selected PROGRAMS one LINK at a time. By selecting various operating modes, this sequence can be continuous, or can be interrupted at various points and continued as desired.

The SOLUTION-2 comes with the ability to store and use up to 15 different CHAINS. Each CHAIN can have up to 45 LINKS.

Each LINK can select from 70 PROGRAMS in the control’s electronics memory.

The Easiest Way To Do Complex Welding Sequences

This advanced system, by Unitrol Electronics, allows fast and easy setting of even the most complex welding sequences with the minimum number of English language steps entered from a 17 button keypad. Absolutely no codes are required when programming the SOLUTION-2.

SOLUTION-2 comes complete with 32 digit alpha/numeric display and a security keyboard lock.

The powerful SOLUTION-2 can eliminate the need for a PLC on many complicated sequence welding systems!

Weld and valve sequences are programmed like LINKS in a CHAIN. Each of up to 45 LINKS can do any or all of the following:

    • Operate up to 16 solenoid valves
    • Fire any of up to 15 SCR contactors
    • Check condition of up to 5 pressure/limit/proximity switches
    • Wait for proper Tip Force from up to 16 pressure transducers
    • Monitor Weld Current
    • Weld with all RWMA sequences
    • Dwell between this link and the next
  • Stop after link and wait for switch closure to continue the chain

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