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Tuffaloy Resistance Welding Products available from Weld Systems Integrators, Inc.

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Tuffaloy electrodes, weld force gauges, smart detection and additional accessories from Weld Systems Integrators, a Tuffaloy master distributor. Tuffaloy products are used globally in industries such as transportation, appliances, office furniture, aerospace, construction, agriculture and many more. Weld Systems Integrators is a distributor of Tuffaloy Products, keeping an inventory of IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery. Available products include:

Standard Electrodes Electrode Holders Multi-Spot Welding High Pressure Welding
Tuffaloy Standard Electrodes | Weld Systems Integrators Tuffaloy Electrode Holders | Weld Systems Integrators Tuffaloy Multi-Spot Welding | Weld Systems Integrators Tuffaloy High Pressure Welding | Weld Systems Integrators
Nut and Stud Welding Resistance Welding Accessories Smart Detection
Tuffaloy Nut and Stud Welding | Weld Systems Integrators Tuffaloy Resistance Welding Alloys | Weld Systems Integrators Tuffaloy Standard Electrodes | Weld Systems Integrators

Standard Electrodes

Tuffaloy makes a full line of Standard Electrodes. The sizes range from the full size straight to caps and buttons. All are manufactured from high quality copper alloy bar stock and inspected to stringent specifications to insure that they perform consistently in your welding applications.


Electrode Holders

Tuffaloy’s family of Electrode Holders are recognized as dependable, versatile, well engineered products to meet the needs of resistance welding industry. There is a holder to fit the needs of an ever changing product workplace.

Multi-Spot Welding

Increased productivity without capital investment or increased labor costs just has to spell PROFIT. Hundreds of resistance welding users are profiting from the TUFFALOY methods of multispot welding, to produce almost any assembly requiring closely spaced welds. The key is to “think multiple!” Whenever the welding machine goes through a cycle, have it do more than one weld at a time. It’s easy and practical with one of the TUFFALOY multiple welding devices: The Teeter-Tip dual tip adapter, the Equatip dual tip holder, the Equa-Press dual tip holder, or the Tri-Spacer. They’re ready to go to work, cutting costs and increasing production efficiency for you. Study the multispot welding holders and adapters in this section. Learn their capabilities, “think multiple”, and you’ll probably see many ways in which TUFFALOY multispot welding can improve your operation. Remember that TUFFALOY is prepared to provide any special fixturing you need. Show our engineers what you require, and they’ll design a set-up to do it.

High Pressure Welding

High pressure spot and projection welding operations may utilize forces over 2000 lbs and Tuffaloy high pressure holders and electrodes are designed to withstand these high forces. High pressure electrodes have flat bottoms which eliminates electrodes jamming that can occur with standard tapered holders. Another advantage is that the electrodes and holder heights are always the same, as contrasted to tapered electrodes which can be forced into the sockets to varying distances. Tuffaloy’s High Pressure Welding System uses a threaded coupling to hold the flange mounted electrodes and are available for use with platen mounted systems as well as straight holders for spot welding arm mounts.

Nut and Stud Welding

In today’s assembly systems threaded nuts and studs are a primary means of assembly.  Tuffaloy offers a variety of systems to meet the needs of this popular fastener system.  Water cooled ARCTIC systems are available for both stud and nut welding.  Piloted and non piloted electrodes, stud and nut welding systems including bodies, replaceable heads and insulated pins or inserts are also supplied in all of the popular US or Metric dimensions.  The replaceable heads can be obtained with copper alloys faces or with refractory facings for improved life.

The various systems can be incorporated into press welders and automated systems using straight holders, electrodes with tapers, platen mounted and threaded systems.  Tuffaloy has the nut and stud welding products to help you improve your welding process.

Smart Detection

WSI can integrate Advanced Welding Technology with Smart Detection™ on our resistance welder. Smart Detection brings a range of features to the welding environment that improve productivity, reduce costs and reduce operational risks at a cost far below that of equivalent technologies. brings a range of features to the welding environment that improve productivity, reduce costs and reduce operational risks at a cost far below that of equivalent technologies.


Welding Accessories

Accessories are an important part of the resistance welding process. Tuffaloy offers a complete line of products:

  • Force Gauges both digital and analog from 150 lb to 10,000lb
  • Cables
  • Shunts
  • Water tubes
  • Water fittings
  • Dressing tools
  • Welder Arms
  • Tuffcap Extractors
  • Welding Tip Extractors
  • Quick disconnect fittings
  • Taper reamers

Accessories >> Weld Force Gauges

Tuffaloy supplies a broad range of weld force gauges, available with accuracies from 0.5% for Digital-Electronic gauges; to 2% accuracy for the Digital-Hydraulic which has a digital output driven by hydraulics; to our Standard Hydraulic models with 2%-3% accuracy. All are available in English and metric readouts.

DLC Digital-Electric Weld Force Gauge Digital-Electronic Weld Force Probe Digital-Hydraulic Weld Force Gauge Analog-Hydraulic Weld Force Gauge
Tuffaloy DLC Gauge | Weld Systems Integrators Tuffaloy Digital Electronic Weld Probe | Weld Systems Integrators Tuffaloy Digital Hydraulic Gauge | Weld Systems Integrators Tuffaloy Analog Hydraulic Gauge | Weld Systems Integrators

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Weld Systems Integrators is your complete source for resistance welding equipment, consumables, parts and accessories with WORLDWIDE shipping. For more information, or to request a quote, please give us a call at 844-WSI-WELD or +1-216-475-5629.