What is MFDC welding?

MFDC welders [ mid-frequency direct current ], inverter power supplies, and weld controls FOR SALE at Weld Systems Integrators

MFDC stands for Mid-Frequency Direct Current. MFDC welding uses power inverters to convert your AC power supply into inverted high-frequency power output.

AC welding (alternating current) reverses its direction many times per second. A 60-hertz current will change its polarity 60 times every second. MFDC has a constant polarity flowing in one direction. AC @ 60-hertz input is converted to a high frequency 400-4000 Hz input to the transformer.

MFDC Power Conversion MFDC Current
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What are the benefits of MFDC welding?

WELD SPEED: MFDC welding is faster than AC welding. MFDC welds can be completed in 2 / 1,000 of a second. That’s nearly 30 times faster than an AC welder.

WELD QUALITY: MFDC welding offers increased weld strength and reliability. The increase in speed provided by MFDC welding produces fewer deformities in the metal being joined. Additionally, making welds more quickly, MFDC welders reduce deformation and burn-through caused by prolonged heat affecting the area around the weld nugget. The result is a cleaner / stronger weld.

WELD EFFICIENCY: MFDC reduces power requirements. MFDC welders use a power inverter and capacitors that store electrical charge, rather than actively drawing all of their power from your mains. Power consumption can be reduced by as much as 35%.

WELD CURRENT: Direct current systems utilizing SCRs have a rise time prior to their steady state. The MFDC is very responsive. It’s possible to create full-phase firing during the natural rise time to lessen the rise time.

WELD CONTROL: MFDC welders utilize IGBTs, for current switching. These units are turned on and off at a rate of 400-4000 times per second. By controlling this rate, the MFDC can very accurately determine the current.

Weld Systems Integrators MFDC Resistance Welders FOR SALE

MFDC inverter technology provides exceptional weld quality and significant cost reduction. All Weld Systems Integrators (WSI) resistance welders can be equipped to utilize the benefits of MFDC inverter power supply and control technology to maximize your resistance welding application. MFDC welders from WSI are available from 40 – 900 kVA, in sizes 100, 140, 160, 170, 225, and 320.

LEARN MORE about MFDC [ mid-frequency direct current ] welders from Weld Systems Integrators. Give us a call TODAY at 844-WSI-WELD or +1-216-475-5629 and talk with a spot, projection, or seam welding expert.

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WSI-TECNA MFDC Resistance Welders FOR SALE

Weld Systems Integrators offers the complete TECNA MFDC resistance welder catalog, including US-configured 480V and TECNA standard 400V welders.

  • TECNA foot-operated spot welders – 6010-6011 series – 25 kVA
  • TECNA foot-operated spot welders – 6012-6013 series – 25 kVA
  • TECNA air-operated spot welders – 6020-6023 series – 30 kVA
  • TECNA air-operated spot and projection welders – 6073-6075 series – 56 kVA
  • TECNA spot and projection welders – 6121N-6129N series – 90-200 kVA
  • TECNA spot and projection welders – 67xx series – 90-315 kVA
  • TECNA weld guns – TE-3230 and TE-3233 – 50 kVA
  • TECNA weld guns – 3062Q, 3066Q, 3176, 3177, 3183 and 3184 – 50 – 90 kVA
TECNA 3183 - 90kVA MFDC Weld Gun | Weld Systems Integrators

MFDC Inverter Power Supplies FOR SALE

MFDC Welding Transformers and Power Supplies FOR SALE
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