Weld Systems Integrators (WSI) – Warrensville Heights, Ohio

Resistance welding equipment manufacturer and equipment supplier – located just 30 minutes from Cleveland, Ohio

Weld Systems Integrators (WSI), manufacturer and distributor of resistance welding equipment, machinery and accessories, and integrator of robotic resistance and MIG welding cells. WE MAKE GREAT WELDS!

We are conveniently located at 4943 Driscoll Road, Warrensville Heights, OH 44146, just 30 minutes from Cleveland.

Weld Systems Integrators STANDARD and CUSTOM resistance welding equipment, machinery, consumables, spare parts, tools and accessories:

  • Rocker arm spot welders
  • Press type spot welders
  • Capacitor discharge welders
  • Projection welders
  • Hollow metal door and door frame welders
  • Seam welders
  • Bench and micro welders
  • Portable spot weld guns
  • XY welders
  • Turntable welders
  • Multi-gun welders
  • Used welders and equipment
  • Resistance welding automation machinery and equipment

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We also maintain an IN-STOCK inventory of resistance welding consumables, spare parts, tools and accessories FOR SALE with immediate shipping. This includes, but is not limited to electrodes and electrode holders, welding controls, chillers, transformers, raw materials (copper, copper alloys and refractory metals, including Elkonite®, Elkon® and Anviloy®) and spring tool balancers and retractors.

At WSI, we support our resistance welding equipment with strong service capabilities, including maintenance and repair, training, welding lab testing and contract engineering. Furthermore, we also rent resistance welding machinery to customers in need of a short term solution.


Weld Systems Integrators was founded in 2000 by a group of industry veterans. WSI has become a global provider of engineered welding solutions and products for a wide array of industries. We’re proud to be a Sustaining Member of the American Welding Society (AWS), the Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance (RWMA), as well as WEMCO, an Association of Welding Equipment Manufacturers.


WSI is stocking master distributor of TECNA industrial resistance welders and tool balancers. TECNADirect.com (a division of WSI), stocks, sells, repairs and supports TECNA pedestal welders, portable welding guns, bench welders, tool balancers and accessories. Factory direct from our Warrensville Heights, OHIO location, or through our distributor network, trust TECNADirect.com for quick shipment and delivery throughout the United States.


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Struggling to find a solution to a difficult joining application? WSI has over 10 years of proven results with tough-to-weld applications, like projection welding fasteners to Hot-Stamped, High-Boron AlSi-Coated parts! WSI Capacitor Dischage Welders can make good welds 100% of the time.

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Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance (RWMA) is an active network of industry professionals that advances resistance welding technologies, supports the highest technical standards for the industry and shares best practices amongst all its members in order to shape the future of our industry for the next generation. Promoting the technology by educating the manufacturing community in documented processes, standards and advancements are critical to keeping resistance welding at the forefront of automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing.

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Weld Systems Integrators (WSI) is your complete source for standard and custom resistance welders, consumables, spare and replacement parts and value added services. We offer WORLDWIDE shipping from our Warrensville Heights, OH location.

CONTACT Weld Systems Integrators, or REQUEST A QUOTE on standard IN-STOCK inventory or fully custom welding equipment. To speak with a WSI team member, please give us a call at 844-WSI-WELD or +1-216-475-5629.