Rocker Arm Spot Welders FOR SALE

Standard and Custom Foot Operated and Air Operated Resistance Welders from Weld Systems Integrators

Rocker arm spot welders provide fast production speeds and consistent / high quality welds. Also, the ergonomic frame design and properly configured controls can also reduce operator fatigue. As a result, rocker arm welders from Weld Systems Integrators, a resistance welder equipment manufacturer, are a versatile, adjustable and flexible option, with a wide range of features, at an affordable price.

Rocker Arm Spot Welders for sale at Weld Systems Integrators
WSI Series Rocker Arm Spot Welder | Weld Systems Integrators Rocker Arm Spot Welders - WSI-TECNA | Weld Systems Integrators

WSI Series Rocker Arm Spot Welders – Versatile / Adjustable / Flexible

WSI Series rocker arm spot welding machines from Weld Systems Integrators are available in standard and custom configurations. Our welders are MADE IN THE USA at our Warrensville Heights, OHIO location. Furthermore, our welders provide fast production, high-quality welds and can reduce or even eliminate operator fatigue.

The WSI Series welders feature rugged light or heavy-duty frame construction, and can be fully customized. This includes your choice of welding controls, single-phase AC or three-phase MFDC power supplies, tooling, foot and air-operation, safety systems and more. LEARN MORE about WSI Series Welders from Weld Systems Integrators.

Did you know WSI offers spot welder repair and rebuild services?  LEARN MORE

WSI-TECNA Rocker Arm Spot Welders – Resistance welding production / affordable price

Another IN-STOCK option from Weld Systems Integrators are TECNA rocker welders. WSI is stocking master distributor of TECNA industrial resistance welders and tool balancers. (a division of WSI), stocks, sells, repairs and supports our TECNA inventory.

WSI-TECNA spot welding machines are available in single-phase AC or 3-phase MFDC power supplies. Furthermore, also carries the TECNA line of three-phase DC press welders for high duty-cycle applications.

Available WSI-TECNA models include:

  • WTR-4640 (16 – 25 kVA)
  • WTR-4641 (20 – 25kVA)
  • WTR-4643 (20 – 25kVA)
  • WTR-4647 (50kVA)
  • WTR-4649 (50kVA)
  • WTR-4662 (50kVA)
  • WTR-4666 (50kVA)

LEARN MORE about WSI-TECNA Welders from Weld Systems Integrators.

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