Resistance Welding Controls and Power Supplies FOR SALE at Weld Systems Integrators

Resistance welding controls and power supplies are available from Weld Systems Integrators. Controls and power supplies include single-phase AC, 3-phase DC and 3-phase mid-frequency inverter (MFDC). Furthermore, we maintain and inventory of weld controls and power supplies IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.

Weld controls coordinate the application of welding current with the mechanical motion welder. On most resistance welders, the weld control signals the electrodes when to close and when to open. On other welders, the opening and closing accomplished by a mechanically actuated system. The weld control also signals the welding current when to start and stop.

We are a stocking master distributor!

WSI stocks, sells and services a wide range of welding controls from popular brands and manufacturers. Our qualified team can help you choose the right control for your application. Along with new controls, the WSI Service team can repair, update and retrofit your existing equipment with replacement controls and offers both on-site and phone technical support.

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Welding Controls and Power Supplies

ENTRON Controls develops and manufactures advanced weld controls for all AC, AC constant current, MFDC and large inverter applications. Learn more about ENTRON EN6001, EN7000, iPAK MFDC and Smart Detection™ Systems.

Amada Miyachi offers a complete line resistance spot welding controls and power supplies. This includes linear DC spot welding power supplies, high frequency inverter welding power supplies, high power mid-frequency inverter welding power supplies, capacitive discharge welding power supplies and AC spot welding power supplies.

WTC (Welding Technology Corp.)
WTC offers resistance weld controls and supporting associated peripherals to complement applications such as spot, seam, robotic, portable gun, portable trans-gun, and projection welding.

TECNA (available from
TECNA offers a complete line of microprocessor welding control units. This includes single-phase resistance welders, single-phase suspended welding guns, three-phase direct current resistance welders, inverter resistance welders and inverter suspended guns., powered by Weld Systems Integrators, is a stocking master distributor of TECNA industrial resistance welders and tool balancers.

Intertron Industries provides both single and 3-phase resistance welder controls and products, along with the 10 Station Interlock Scanner.

UNITROL specializes in resistance (spot) welding controls, soft-touch spot welder pinch-point safety systems, water chillers and coolers, temperature feedback resistance brazing and other resistance welding technologies.

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Weld Systems Integrators (WSI) is your complete source for standard and custom resistance welders, consumables, spare and replacement parts and value added services. We offer WORLDWIDE shipping from our Warrensville Heights, OH location.

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