Resistance Welding Laboratory

Research and development lab for resistance welding applications.

Weld Systems Integrators resistance welding laboratory provides welding, metallurgical testing and validation for a variety of welding processes. Furthermore, our research and development lab can help improve parts quality, quantify your welding process, create production expectations and evaluate welder performance.

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  • Application / process evaluation and recommendations
  • Suitability testing for resistance welding
  • Weld failure analysis
  • Weld schedule development
  • Weld lobe analysis / design of experiment (DoE)
  • Electrode endurance testing
  • Projection weld fastener evaluation and testing
  • Resistance welding training (rocker arm spot welders, press type welders, capacitor discharge welding, spot welding guns, benchtop welders, seam welders, door welders,  XY welders, turntable welders multi-gun welders)
  • Seminars (bring your parts and weld them in our lab.)
  • Material weldability
  • Process evaluation
  • Metallurgical evaluation
  • Equipment performance and recommendations
  • Secondary weld current and micro-ohm-meter and benchmarking
  • Calibration services (force gauges, weld checkers, weld current analyzers, torque wrenches, tensile testers)
  • Weld coupons
  • Prototype welding

* Welding lab services includes complete documentation

Push-Out Test Fastener Welding Test | Press Hardened AlSi Coated Steels

Following is a list of welders, process verification and miscellaneous equipment currently in our advanced resistance welding lab.


  • WSI EconoPress, ECP1-18-AC-1-200-1-2430×4-480/60; Miyachi STA-100 Control; 200 KVA AC Transformer; Force 2,430 lbs @ 100 PSI
  • WSI Size 1 MFDC, WSI-W1-12-DC-250-6×4-480/60-150; Miyachi IS-800 Advanced Inverter; 250 KVA MFDC Transformer; Force 2,800 lbs @ 100 PSI
  • WSI Size 2 Fast Rise Time, WSI-W2-18-DC-225-8×4-480/60-400; Miyachi ISA-2000 Inverter; 225 KVA Fast Rise Time MFDC Transformer; Force 5,000 lbs @ 100 PSI
  • WSI Size 2 CD, WSI-W2-18-CD-12-8×4-480/60-60; Miyachi P12000 Capacitor Bank; 12J Transformer; Force 5,000 lbs @ 100 PSI
  • Tecna Portable Gun, 7902; Integrated Heat and Time Dials, Hand Pressure
  • Taylor Winfield Bench Welder; Miyachi IPB-5000 Inverter; 17 KVA MFDC Transformer, Force 300 lbs @ 100 PSI


  • Miyachi MM-315 Weld Checker with Current Monitoring
  • Miyachi MM-370 Weld Checker with Current, Voltage, Displacement, Force Monitoring and Printer
  • Miyachi MM-380 Weld Checker with Current, Voltage and Force Monitoring
  • Miyachi MM-400 Weld Checker with Current, Voltage, Displacement, Force Monitoring and Printer
  • Miyachi Screen Capture Software
  • Miyachi ADAM (Advance Data Analysis Module), Microsoft Windows Based with Current, Voltage, Displacement, Gas Flow, Force Monitoring and Printer
  • TECNA 1600/RS232 Weld Checker with Current and Force Monitoring
  • TECNA 1700D Weld Checker with Current, Voltage and Force Monitoring
  • Dengensha WS-80 Weld Checker with Current, Voltage, and Printer
  • Welding Technologies DFI-101 Force Gauge, 0-4500 Pound Range
  • Welding Technologies DFI-102 Force Gauge, 0-9000 Pound Range
  • Welding Technologies DFI-102-Flex Force Gauge, 0-9000 Pound Range
  • Miyachi Weld Through Force Gauge, MA-770A, 0-1100 Pound Range
  • Miyachi Weld Through Force Gauge, MA-771A, 0-2100 Pound Range
  • Snap-On ATECH3FR250B Torque Wrench, 12.5-250 ft-lb Range
  • Ono-Sokki GS-1830A Glass Displacement Sensor, 30mm Range, 0.0005″ Resolution
  • Mitutoyo 542-162 Linear Displacement Sensor, 25mm range, 0.0003″ Resolution
  • WSI 100630 Standard Push-Out Tester, 0-9000 Pound Range
  • WSI 100630-HD “C” Frame Push-Out Tester, 0-4500 pound Range
  • Detroit Testing Machine Co Tensile Strength Tester
  • Amprobe AMC-3 Meg-Ohm Tester
  • Ryobi IR-002 Infrared Thermometer
  • Slow Motion Camera
  • Hi-Definition Camera


  • Atlas Copco Air Compressor, 15 HP
  • Schrieber 500AC Water Chiller, 5 Ton
  • Tow Motor, 10K Capacity
  • Pallet Jack, 5K Capacity
  • Machine Room Mill and Lathe Capabilities


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Appliance
  • Electronic and electrical equipment
  • Fabricated metal products
  • Industrial machinery
  • Oil and gas power generation
  • Primary metals and metal processing
  • Transportation
  • and more


Contact Weld Systems Integrators to learn about our resistance welding laboratory. For immediate assistance, give us a call at 844-WSI-WELD or +1-216-475-5629.