Custom Resistance Welders FOR SALE

Spot, Projection and Seam Welders from Weld Systems Integrators

Looking for a fully custom spot welder, projection welder, seam welder or custom welding system integration?

In addition to our line of WSI-Series standard welders, Weld Systems Integrators (WSI) can design and manufacture custom turn-key resistance welding machines for your unique parts and applications. This includes full service engineering and system integration.

Provide parts, and our experienced production team will run test samples in-house to ensure your new custom welding machinery does the job correctly.

Weld Systems Integrators has been manufacturing custom resistance welding equipment and machinery, including spot, projection and seam welders for over 20 years. MADE IN THE USA at our Warrensville Heights, OHIO location, WSI custom welding machinery is available with optional power supplies including single-phase AC, 3-phase DC and MFDC, along with single-phase CD (capacitor discharge).

The WSI experienced in-house engineering team specializes in custom resistance welding machine designs for fabrication. Furthermore, our engineers work closely with the production team to ensure your custom welder cost, time, and quality goals are achieved. Talk with a WSI team member TODAY about your specific resistance welding needs.

XY and XYZ Servo Welders
Make multiple welds on a single part with our advanced multi-nut, fully and semi-automated welders.

Multi-Gun Resistance Welders
2, 3, 4 and 6-gun resistance welding cells designed to perform multiple welds with minimum operator interaction.

Turntable Welders and Turntable Automation
Suitable for a wide range of welding applications. WSI turntable welding automation provide easy alignment, simplified maintenance and improve worker ergonomics.

Metal Door Welders and Door Frame Welders
Hollow metal door manufacturers welding 20 – or 200 – or 2000+ doors and frames per day.

Custom Spot, Projection and Seam Resistance Welders

Custom spot welders – electrodes focus an electrical current into a small area between the metal surfaces to be joined. Electrodes also create pressure, holding the workpieces together. As the electrodes create heat, the metal workpieces fuse.

Custom projection welders – generating heat by an electric current to join metal pieces together. Projection electrodes are capable of carrying more current than spot welding electrodes, therefore, weld much thicker materials. During the projection welding process, two flat electrodes cover the fastener. The projections themselves absorb and disperse heat, allowing strong welds with exceptional aesthetics.

Custom seam welders – using wheel-shaped electrodes to apply force and electricity to the workpieces. Heat from the wheel-shaped electrodes creates a continuous weld as the work pieces are fed between them, resulting in a rolling resistance weld or a non-hermetic seam weld.

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Weld Systems Integrators (WSI) is your complete source for standard and custom resistance welders, consumables, spare and replacement parts and value added services. We offer WORLDWIDE shipping from our Warrensville Heights, OH location.

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