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Resistance Welding Facts and Information

Following is a list of interesting resistance welding facts and information you may or may not know about. But we hope you will find it useful and educational. Looking for immediate assistance? Contact a knowledgeable WSI Team Member today!

DID YOU KNOW … Spot welder maintenance is often neglected until there’s a problem?

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Regular preventive maintenance is essential to achieve optimal performance and extend the life of your spot welding machinery and equipment. Machine components age, consumables degrade, settings, and parameters require regular calibration. Weld Systems Integrators (WSI) recommends creating a comprehensive preventive maintenance schedule that includes inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and calibration.

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Resistance Spot Welder Maintenance Checklist | Weld Systems Integrators

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DID YOU KNOW … Even if your weld control has internal monitoring it’s best to have an external “weld checker” that confirms the health of your process!

Amada Miyachi MM-410A Handheld Weld Checker | Weld Systems Integrators
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Manage welding quality and production by monitoring key variables such as current, voltage, time, displacement, and more.

Weld checkers eliminate the guesswork of failed welds by measuring variables that dynamically change during the resistance welding process. Variations including part thickness, tensile strength, hardness, surface finish, and cleanliness can also have a significant effect on weld quality.

Weld checkers can be used as a setup, diagnostic, or in-process tool to measure and verify the performance and repeatability of the weld. During each weld, voltage, current, conductance, power, force, and displacement can be monitored for comprehensive weld quality monitoring.

Benefits of resistance weld checkers include:

  • Instantly measure weld consistency
  • Identify welding issues as they occur
  • Record all data for future review and reference
  • Identify set-up problems and machine malfunctions
  • Determine the optimum settings for each production
  • Cost savings by reducing scrap repetitive destructive testing
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