UNITROL Water Chillers for Resistance Spot Welding and Process Cooling Applications

Industrial Water Chillers from 1/3 to 50 tons FOR SALE at Weld Systems Integrators

UNITROL industrial water chillers are designed to handle a large variety of industrial water cooling applications. Over the years, UNITROL has produced a large volume of chillers for use in resistance (spot) welding applications. Our experience in sizing chillers used in welding lines allows us to provide the most economical match of chiller and application.

UNITROL water chillers for spot welding and process cooling applications are FOR SALE from Weld Systems Integrators (WSI). We offer WORLDWIDE shipping from our Warrensville Heights, OH location. Contact WSI at 844-WSI-WELD or +1-216-475-5629 for more information on available RIEDEL Chillers.

Chiller Applications:

  • Spot Welders
  • MIG / TIG Welders
  • Water Jet Machines
  • Plastic Molders
  • Hydraulic
  • Food Safety
  • Medical Equipment
  • Induction Heating
  • Laser Systems
  • Industrial Processes
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All UNITROL Spot Welder Chillers are self-contained, closed-loop refrigeration systems which recirculate a continuous supply of cold water virtually eliminating all water consumption. This means it’s unnecessary to use city or well water which presently contaminates your water lines. So down-time for cleaning and descaling of mineral deposits is totally eliminated.

Consistent pressure and low temperature is also maintained in the cooling water, helping to reduce down-time for copper tip replacement as much as 50%. Your weld quality and uniformity is also greatly improved. The result is increased production, more efficient operation, more actual output hours. After all, it’s only when your machines are running that you’re turning out billable product.

UNITROL Chiller Models:

Model 8000 Chiller – 4,000 BTU/Hr (1/3 TON)

Model 8012 Chiller – 6,000 BTU/Hr (1/2 TON)

UNITROL 8000 and 8012 chillers are self-contained systems that are manually refilled. These chiller are ideal for portable applications such as robotics, or where plant layout precludes the use of a central chiller. Because of the smaller size, the 8000 and 8012 chillers are an ideal choice for OEM packaging into industrial machinery or laboratory equipment.

For welding applications, the 8000 and 8012 model chillers is ideal for cooling one or more TIG or MIG welders with a total capacity of up to 500 – 750 amps. It can also be used to cool a single spot welder (30 – 50 kVA or smaller).

UNITROL A-Series Chillers

Includes models 8025 through 8111 (3/4 to 3-1/4 tons). UNITROL A-Series chillers are ideal for resistance welding applications up to seven spot welders (up to 75 KVA each).

UNITROL B-Series Chillers

Includes models 8200 through 8301 (5 to 10 tons). UNITROL B-Series chillers are ideal for resistance welding applications up to 20 spot welders (up to 75 KVA each).

UNITROL C-Series Chillers

Includes models 8400 through 8650R (15 to 50 tons). This series is typically used for central plant and large process water applications. UNITROL C-Series chillers are ideal for resistance welding applications up to 100 spot welders (up to 75 kVA each).

ModelNominalElectrical (60 Hz)Full Load AmpsWater Pump HPMax. Water Flow Rate (GPM @35psi)Tank Cap. (GAL)Dimensions (IN.)Approx. Shipping Weight (LBS)
BTU/HR Output @90ºFTons (COMP HP)LWH
8400 2=modules180,00015460/31=16, 1=193803050 each52 each44 each1=1220, 1=170
8401 2=modules180,00015230/31=38, 1=333803050 each52 each44 each1=1220, 1=170
8450 2=modules240,00020460/31=23, 1=2051804050 each52 each44 each1=1285, 1=1235
8451 2=modules240,00020230/31=45, 1=3751804050 each52 each44 each1=1285, 1=1235
8500 3=modules300,00025460/31=23, 1=20, 1=1751806050 each52 each44 each2=1200, 1=1015
8550 3=modules360,00030460/31=32, 2=287-1/22306050 each52 each44 each1=1285, 2=1235

Customizing your UNITROL Water Chiller:

Weld Systems Integrators can modify any UNITROL chiller model to handle special applications such as:

  • Electrical: 380V or 575V, 50Hz frequency
  • Water Pumps: Special flow or pressure requirements
  • Dual Water Pumps: One pump for internal refrigeration, one for outside load
  • Added Cooling Loops: To chill more than one circuit (Often used for Seam Welding flood cooling)
  • Split systems to place heat-producing condenser outside of building
  • Manual water refill with sight glass to replace automatic refill system
  • Alarms and interlocking systems

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