Air-Cooled Jumper Cables

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Air-cooled jumper cables from Weld Systems Integrators (WSI) are ideal for a variety of industries and applications including resistance welding, resistance heating, and bus bar systems. Every jumper cable is designed for maximum efficiency, longer life, and greater flexibility. Our in-house engineering team can assist with custom designs and unique customer specifications.

Our air-cooled jumper cables will meet your every welding requirement for this type of cable. Jumpers are available in circular mill sizes from 400 MCM to 2000 MCM as standards. Other circular mill sizes and extra-flexible cables are available on request.

Weld Systems Integrators maintains an inventory of air-cooled jumper cables at our Warrensville Heights, OHIO location.

WSI Air-Cooled Jumper Cables Catalog [ PDF ]

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Air Cooled Jumper Sizing
Use the following method to determine what size cable should be used for your application. First you use the Conversion Factor chart to determine your “Continuous Duty Current”; then you read the correct size cable off the second chart. An example is worked out below.

Step 1: Lay one side of a straight edge across the graph at the six cycles of the current “one-time” point (the left-hand vertical scale of the conversion factor chart).

Step 2: Pivot the other end of the straight edge across to line up with the “60 welds per minute” on the far right vertical scale.

Step 3: At the intersection of your straight edge with the diagonal conversion factor scale line, you should be able to read a conversion factor of .32 off the lower 1/2 of the line.

Step 4: Multiply the required current (10,000 amps) by the conversion factor (.32) to get the “continuous duty current” of 3,200 amps. Now proceed to the Air-Cooled Jumper Selection Chart to read and complete the selection.

Step 5: Line up your straight edge on the 3200 continuous duty amp mark, and find the intersection with your desired length line (from below).

Step 6: Any cable whose line is above this point may be safely used since the load it would carry will be within its thermal capacity. In this example, a 1200 MCM cable can be used and stay within design tolerances.

Air-Cooled Jumper Cable Sizing | Weld Systems Integrators
Air Cooled Jumper Length
The length is measured from the bolt hole centers at each end of the cable on straight or 45” terminals. It is measured from the extreme ends of 90 terminals. On terminals with two holes, measure from the centers of the outer holes.

To get LENGTH, measure from the center of one set of mounting holes to the center of the second set.

The secondary measurement, B, is the face width.

The terminal thickness is dependent on the terminal face width, and the gauge of the cable, as outlined in the table on the right.

Air-Cooled Jumper Cable Length | Weld Systems Integrators
Terminal Types
Air-Cooled Jumper Cable Terminal Types | Weld Systems Integrators
Terminal Specifications

Standard 1.5” width will be supplied up to and including 1200 MCM. 1500 MCM comes in 1.375“ width. 2000 MCM in 1.5” width. Please specify when ordering. Terminal Length: The contact surface length is 1-9/16”. Other lengths can be furnished if specially ordered. Bolt Hole Size: All Air-Cooled Jumpers are drilled with 17/32” bolt holes unless ordered otherwise.

MCM 1-1/4″ Wide 1-3/8″ Wide 1-1/2″ Wide
400 3/8″ Thick
500 7/16″ Thick
600 1/2″ Thick 7/16″ Thick
750 5/8″ Thick 9/16″ Thick
1000 3/4″ Thick 11/16″ Thick 5/8″ Thick
1200 7/8″ Thick 13/16″ Thick 3/4″ Thick
1500 11/16″ Thick 1″ Thick
2000 1-7/16″ Thick
Lug Configurations
Air-Cooled Jumper Cable Lug Configuration | Weld Systems Integrators
Available Brands
Tuffaloy RWP Cal Cable Southwire / Watteredge QuickCable Tipaloy Centerline
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