Electrode Dressers [ Tip Dressing Tools ]

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Electrode dressers and tip dressing tools for cleaning, reshaping and restoring resistance welding electrodes.

Reconditioning worn electrode tips assures uniform welding, extends the life of your electrodes, cuts down wasted production time, and minimizes downtime. Tip dressing cleans and reshapes electrodes, maintaining your customer’s precise specifications. In addition, proper electrode dressing can save time and money.

Weld Systems Integrators keeps an inventory of electrode dressers and tip dressing tools at our Warrensville Heights, OHIO location, to help you maintain weld consistency and quality in spot welding applications.

Commonly used tools for dressing electrodes:

Radius Tip Files: Used to restore electrode tip contours with a shallow radius.

General Tip Dressing Tool: Removes mushroomed nose material on pointed or dome noses. Intended to dress both upper and lower electrodes.

Pneumatic Electrode Tip Dresser: Lightweight and rugged construction, this pneumatic Power Handle requires a clearance of only 1-1/2″ with the standard ring and 2″ with an extended ring. In most situations, this allows the dressing of electrodes without removal from the welder. Operating at a cutting speed of 1200 RPM enables the operator to dress electrodes quickly and accurately. Cutters and guide rings are easily replaced.

Available Electrode Dressers [ Tip Dressing Tools ] from Weld Systems Integrators
Radius Tip FileTip Dressing Tool [ Tuffaloy 601-0102 ]Pneumatic Tip Dresser [ Yokota YNR-8F ]
Radius Tip File | Tip Dressing Tool | Weld Systems IntegratorsTuffaloy Tip Dressing Tool | Weld Systems IntegratorsPneumatic Tip Dressing Tool | Weld Systems Integrators

So what’s the right electrode dresser / tip dressing tool for your application?

Weld Systems Integrators sales and customer service are available to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each tool. Contact us today with help selecting the right tool for the job.

Tip Dressing Tool [ Tuffaloy 601-0102 ]

To remove mushroomed nose material on a pair of tips of 4 or 5 RW size, having pointed or dome noses. Other nose design dressers on special order. Dresser, part no. 601-0102.

Dresser replacement cutter, part no. 601-0103.

MaterialNose TypeOverall LengthOverall DiameterWeld Face DimensionUnit of Measure
Tool SteelA and B Nose0.769000.755000.188IN

Pneumatic Tip Dresser [ Yokota YNR-8F ]


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