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Projection Welding Basics

Projection Welding uses projections formed into the parts prior to welding in order to focus the weld current and create the weld nugget.  When projection welding, substantial force is applied to the parts through the welding electrodes or dies.  Furthermore, as current is passed through the system, the heated and softened projections collapse and form welds.  Force is typically supplied from pneumatic cylinders, but can also be supplied by air-over-oil cylinders, servos or cams.

Projection welding electrodes are intended to carry more current and handle higher force than a typical spot welding electrode. The size and shape of individual welds are determined by the presence of projections, embossments or intersections on the metals being joined. Metals are heated and coalescence is achieved not through the use of an arc, but through the metals’ resistance to electrical currents passing through them as they are squeezed together under force by electrodes.

Features and Benefits

  • Able to make multiple, closely-spaced, simultaneous welds
  • Often faster than making multiple spot welds
  • Multiple welds setting down simultaneously means no shunt losses through pre-existing welds
  • Electrode maintenance is typically reduced compared with spot welding
  • More energy efficient due to reduced current and force requirements (as compared to multiple spot welds)
  • Heat balancing not typically required, because the projection focuses the resistance at the weld
  • Not limited to sheet-to-sheet applications.
  • Can weld metals too thick to join with a spot weld


Projection welding is can be used on conventional materials and hot stamped boron, and other press-hardened steel often on fasteners, nuts and studs.

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Weld Systems Integrators has over 10 years of proven results with tough-to-weld applications, like projection welding fasteners to hot stamped boron, press-hardened steels, extremely- hard aluminum, stainless steel alloys and the latest Gen III materials!

WSI capacitor discharge welders can make good welds on press hardened steels, 100% of the time.

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