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IN-STOCK and available from Weld Systems Integrators

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UNITROL resistance welding controls are IN-STOCK and available from Weld Systems Integrators. UNITROL manufactures single and 3-phase Microcomputer solid-state resistance welding control systems using either keypad or thumbwheel data entry. Controls are manufactured to handle welders from 1 KVA to 3,000 KVA and larger.

For more complex welding machines, controls are offered to handle up to 15 SCR contractors and 16 solenoid valves while having the ability to do over 27,000 steps of logic.

By design, all UNITROL controls are easy to program. Controls feature a minimum of components, eliminating complex wiring harnesses and other unnecessary hardware. This allows UNITROL to offer a 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.

Our INSTABRAZE process allows closed loop temperature feedback technology to be available at an affordable price. This process can replace torch, induction, and oven brazing on many components and offers a high degree of quality control with high production speed.

SOFT TOUCH – Soft Touch is a unique resistance welding safety feature available on UNITROL Controls.

Available UNITROL Resistance Welding Controls
Solution-1 Solutioni Solution-2 Solution-3 Simplicity
UNITROL Welding Controls Solution UNITROL Welding Controls Solutioni UNITROL Welding Controls Solution 2 UNITROL Welding Controls Solution 3
Fire’N Module Phase Shift Accustart Instabraze Soft-Touch
UNITROL Welding Controls Fire-N Module - Series 9190 UNITROL Welding Controls - Phase Shift - 9190 PSS Series UNITROL Welding Controls - Accustart UNITROL Welding Controls - Instabraze UNITROL Welding Controls Soft-Touch
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