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IN-STOCK seam welding wheels made from RWMA class 1 copper, RWMA class 2 copper, and RWMA class 3 copper.

Seam welding is very similar to spot welding. However, two opposing wheels are used, rather than two pointed electrodes. Force and current is applied through the wheel. Control timing and wheel speed determine the spacing of the welds. Seam welding wheels can overlap, be fluid tight or separated. A separated seam welding wheel setup is often called a roll spot weld.

Seam Welding vs. Spot Welding | Weld Systems Integrators
Seam Welding Wheels | Weld Systems Integrators

Seam welding will generally use the same alloys as spot welding. The higher conductivity lower strength workpieces will be welded using Class 2 and the stronger work pieces will use Class 3.

Most seam welding wheels are cross forged to break up the original cast billet grain structure. Seam welding wheels can be made from RWMA class 1 copper, RWMA class 2 copper, RWMA class 2 copper Premium, and RWMA class 3 copper. The most common and cost effective material for welding steel alloys is RWMA class 2 copper. RWMA class 3 seam welding wheels should be used when welding stainless steel.

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