Resistance Welding Products (RWP) – Air-Cooled, Water-Cooled and Dual Conductor Cables, Bus Bar and Copper Laminate Shunts

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Resistance Welding Products provides welding cables, and a large inventory of products (including: electrodes, inserts, washers, caps, adapters, holders, bushings, pins, weld arms, water tubes, buss bars, weld wheels, cables, shunts, and forgings) and materials (including: copper alloys, brass, bronze, micarta and nylon, aluminum, and stainless steel).

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Weld Systems Integrators (WSI) is a stocking distributor of RWP – Resistance Welding Products. We keep an inventory of new and used equipment IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.

Available RWP Products:

Air Cooled Cables – standard terminal widths are: 1-3/8″ for 400, 500, 600 and 750 MCM and 1-1/2″ for 1000, 1200 and 1500 MCM. Weld cables are also available with extra flex wire, perforated hose, and silver plated lugs upon request.

Water Cooled Cables – feature free flow water passage traveling the entire length of the cable. Bending and kinking the cable will not reduce the water flow. Various lengths and terminal combinations are available to suit your applications. Water cooled jumper cables are available from 300 – 1000 MCM.

Dual Conductor Cable – constructed very much like the standard air cooled cables. This dual conductor has not yet had its water tubing attached to create its amazingly fast transfer speeds. A water cooled cable that is one inch in diameter will process as much current as an air cooled one compared at approximately 8-10 inches.

Flexible Bus Bar Shunts – similar to the  standard Copper Laminate shunt, the Flexible Buss Bar is created slightly differently. It’s main purpose is for moving parts vertically. It’s construction is made to be more flexible by only consisting of three larger gauged cables held at the ends by the clips.

Copper Laminate Shunts – the lower set of shunts are the standard model while the upper set are cloth topped to reduce damage and increase the life. Much like the Flexible Buss Bar, these shunts are created to move in a horizontal motion that is both effective and non-stressful. Our shunts are custom designed to each customer requirements and specifications. Each is readily available in any hole pattern or size. They are also normally supplied with their ends secured by riveted copper clips. Loose ends or soldered dipped ends are also available to allow a more positive current transfer area for improved efficiency. The secondary conductor strips are also of high conductivity copper.

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Weld Systems Integrators (WSI) is your complete source for standard and custom resistance welders, consumables, spare and replacement parts and value added services. We offer WORLDWIDE shipping from our Warrensville Heights, OH location.

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