Tipaloy Resistance Welding Products FOR SALE

IN-STOCK and Available Now from Weld Systems Integrators (WSI)

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Tipaloy, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of resistance welding products, based in Detroit, Michigan since 1941. Tipaloy manufactures standard electrodes, holders, and consumable products. We also specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom electrodes and fixtures.

Weld Systems Integrators is a distributor of Tipaloy, keeping an inventory of new and used equipment IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.

Tipaloy resistance welding electrodes FOR SALE with available IN-STOCK inventory from Weld Systems Integrators, includes:

Tipaloy Straight Electrodes | Weld Systems Integrators
  • Straight electrodes
  • Caps and shanks
  • Single / double bend electrodes
  • Cast irregular offset tips
  • Round / rectangular / swivel electrodes
  • Threaded electrodes
  • Stud and nut electrodes
  • Air pressure nut electrodes
  • TCL heads and components
  • Tip adapters
  • Seam welding wheels
  • Laminated shunts
  • Kickless cables
  • Pressure gauges
  • Jumper cables
Tipaloy Products FOR SALE at Weld Systems Integrators
Straight ElectrodesCaps and ShanksSingle / Double Bend ElectrodesCast Irregular Offset TipsRound / Rectangular / Swivel ElectrodesThreaded Electrodes
Tipaloy Pointed Electrodes | Weld Systems IntegratorsTipaloy Shanks | Weld Systems IntegratorsTipaloy Single Bend Tips | Weld Systems IntegratorsTipaloy Irregular Offset Tips | Weld Systems IntegratorsTipaloy Rectangular Face Tips | Weld Systems IntegratorsTipaloy Threaded Electrodes | Weld Systems Integrators
Stud and Nut ElectrodesAir Pressure Nut ElectrodesTCL Heads and ComponentsTip AdaptersSeam Welding WheelsLaminated Shunts
Tipaloy Stud and Nut Electrodes | Weld Systems IntegratorsTipaloy Air Pressure Nut Electrodes | Weld Systems IntegratorsTipaloy TCL Heads and Components | Weld Systems IntegratorsTipaloy Tip Adapters | Weld Systems IntegratorsTipaloy Seam Welding Wheels | Weld Systems IntegratorsTipaloy Laminated Shunts | Weld Systems Integrators
Kickless CablesPressure GaugesJumper Cables
Tipaloy Kickless Cables | Weld Systems IntegratorsTipaloy Pressure Gauges | Weld Systems IntegratorsTipaloy Jumper Cables | Weld Systems Integrators

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