Copper and Resistance Welding Alloys

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Weld Systems Integrators sells quality high conductivity copper alloys used to make resistance welding consumables, components, tools and accessories. Generally these materials are designed for a combination of specific electrical properties, and retention of strength at elevated temperatures. In addition, raw materials can be used to manufacture standard and custom fasteners, including electrodes, seam welding wheels, nuts and studs.

Copper and Copper-Based Alloys

NOTE:  All properties shown are TYPICAL and should not be used for specifications

*Cold drawn bars up to 1″ diameter

**Cold drawn bars up to 5/8″ diameter

***Heat treated and cold drawn bars up to 1″ diameter

Elkaloy© A:  Recommended for spot and seam welding aluminum, magnesium (and their alloys), coated materials and hot rolled steel.

RWMA Class 1:  Recommended for spot welding coated steels and high conductivity materials, excluding copper and silver. A specially heat treated zirconium copper alloy that meets the minimum electrical conductivity and hardness specifications of class 1 alloy.

Copper, Cadmium is superior to pure copper as an electrode material and is recommended as a general-purpose material for resistance welding use. It may be used for spot welding electrodes, seam welding wheels and welding fixture components. It is not heat treatable.

Also known as: Tuffaloy 88, CMW 28, CuZr, and CuCd.

RWMA Class 2:  Recommended for spot and seam welding cold and hot-rolled steels and coated materials as well as current carrying shafts and arms, back-up bars for both resistance and arc welding and electrical current carrying structural parts and springs.

Copper, Chromium is a superior resistance welding electrode material, recommended for high-production operations. It’s used for welding electrodes, projection welding dies, seam welding shafts and bearings, flash and butt welding dies, and current-carrying structural components. Available in forms for use as welding gun arms, welding platens and secondary-circuit structural members. It is heat treatable.

Copper, Chromium, Zirconium is suited to welding galvanized steel & other metallic-coated steel. This is a specially heat-treated alloy, which meets the minimum electrical conductivity and hardness specifications of Class 2 alloy.

Also known as: CMW 3, CMW 328, Mallory 3, Tuffaloy 77, and Tuffaloy Z, CuCr, and CuCrZr.

RWMA Class 3:  Recommended for heavy-duty offset holders, back-up bars, flash welding dies, current carrying structural members, shafts and bushings in combination with Class 2 Copper, Chromium.

Copper, Nickel, Silicon, Chromium is suited to welding steels having high electrical resistance, such as stainless steel. It is heat treatable.

Copper, Nickel, Beryllium is suited for spot welding and seam welding stainless steel and high temperature heat resisting alloys requiring high weld forces, flash welding dies, back-up bars, projection welding electrodes, and high strength, high conductivity electrical components and springs.

Also known as: CMW 100, CMW 353, Mallory 100, Tuffaloy 55, Tuffaloy 55A, CuNiSiCr, and CuNiBe.

RWMA Class 4:  Recommended for projection, flash and butt-welding dies. It has lower conductivity than Class 3 alloy but it is harder and more wear resistant. It should be considered where there is concern with high-pressure density and severe wear, but where heating, due to its low conductivity, is no excessive.

Copper, Beryllium is used frequently in the form of inserts, die facings, and seam welder bushings. It is available in the annealed condition, which is more readily machined, and then subsequently heat-treated.

Also known as: Tuffaloy 44, CMW 73, and CuBe.

RWMA Class 5:  Elkaloy D – Copper, Aluminum is recommended for butt and flash welding dies and clamps for cold and rolled and stainless steel, current carrying structural parts, jigs and fixtures, pickling racks and baskets.

RWMA Class 20:  Has exceptional resistance to deformation when welding and it is highly recommended for weld caps when welding coated and galvanized steels. It allows a stable start-up and generally outlasts other cap material when welding parameters are not carefully controlled.

Sucop© is recommended for spot and seam welding of coated steels.

Consumable brands we represent:

Resistance Welding Consumable BRANDS
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Custom Consumables

Weld Systems Integrators can manufacture custom resistance welding consumables, electrodes, tooling and components from our IN-STOCK inventory of copper and resistance welding alloys. We can machine custom components in a variety of sizes, shapes and weights. Please contact our knowledgeable sales and service team at 844-WSI-WELD or +1-216-475-5629 for immediate assistance.

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