LORS Machinery – Rocker Arm Welder Parts and Support

Available from Weld Systems Integrators, Inc.

LORS rocker arm welder parts and factory-authorized support services available from Weld Systems Integrators (WSI). We provide spare and replacement parts, along with complete repair and rebuild services for your existing LORS Machinery welders and welding equipment. LORS rocker arm welders are available from 10 – 150 kVA (50% duty cycle), air and foot-operated. Retraction models also available. Furthermore, we can rebuild your welder so it looks like it just came from the factory.

LORS Rocker Arm Welder Features

  • Heavy duty welded steel frame.
  • Air operated up to 150 kVA
  • Foot operated up to 50 kVA
  • Operator selectable set-up / run safety switch permits deactivating welder initiation circuit for greater operator safety during set-up, tip dressing or changing electrodes.
  • Heavy duty, self aligning pillow blocks with large bearings that provide positive alignment.
  • Solid copper arms with steel end caps.
  • Ejector-type water-cooled electrode holders with tips
  • Operator selectable single / double stage electric foot-switch.
  • Wide range of standard and optional controls.
LORS Machinery - Air Rocker Arm Welder Model-140AR | Weld Systems Integrators

LORS Rocker Arm Welder Models

Model Number*¹ KVA Arm Diameter Cylinder Diameter Model Numbers
110AR 10 2 2.5 110AR-12 110AR-18 110AR-24 110AR-30 110AR-36
120AR 20 2 3 120AR-12 120AR-18 120AR-24 120AR-30 120AR-36
130AR 30 2.25 3 130AR-12 130AR-18 130AR-24 130AR-30 130AR-36
140AR 40 2.25 4 140AR-12 140AR-18 140AR-24 140AR-30 140AR-36
150AR-1 50 2.25 4 150AR-1-12 150AR-1-18 150AR-1-24 150AR-1-30 150AR-1-36
150AR 50 2.5 5 150AR-12 150AR-18 150AR-24 150AR-30 150AR-36
175AR 75 2.5 5 175AR-12 175AR-18 175AR-24 175AR-30 175AR-36
1100AR-1 100 2.5 5 1100AR-1-12 1100AR-1-18 1100AR-1-24 1100AR-1-30 1100AR-1-36
1100AR 100 3 6 1100AR-12 1100AR-18 1100AR-24 1100AR-30 1100AR-36
1150AR-1 150 2.5 5 1150AR-1-12 1150AR-1-18 1150AR-1-24 1150AR-1-30 1150AR-1-36
1150AR 150 3 6 1150AR-12 1150AR-18 1150AR-24 1150AR-30 1150AR-36
1200AR 200 3 6 1200AR-12 1200AR-18 1200AR-24 1200AR-30 1200AR-36

*NOTE: “-DV” designates a dual-voltage 220-440V Weld Transformer

LORS “NEW STYLE” Rocker Arm Welder Models

Model Number*¹ KVA Arm Diameter Cylinder Diameter Model Numbers
NS130AAR 30 2.25 4 NS130AAR-12 NS130AAR-18 NS130AAR-24 NS130AAR-30 NS130AAR-36
NS150AAR 50 2.25 4 NS150AAR-12 NS150AAR-18 NS150AAR-24 NS150AAR-30 NS150AAR-36
NS175AAR 75 2.25 4 NS175AAR-12 NS175AAR-18 NS175AAR-24 NS175AAR-30 NS175AAR-36
NS2075AAR 75 3 6 NS2075AAR-12 NS2075AAR-18 NS2075AAR-24 NS2075AAR-30 NS2075AAR-36
NS2100AAR 100 3 6 NS2100AAR-12 NS2100AAR-18 NS2100AAR-24 NS2100AAR-30 NS2100AAR-36
NS2120AAR 120 3 6 NS2120AAR-12 NS2120AAR-18 NS2120AAR-24 NS2120AAR-30 NS2120AAR-36
NS2150AAR 150 3 6 NS2150AAR-12 NS2150AAR-18 NS2150AAR-24 NS2150AAR-30 NS2150AAR-36
NS2200AAR 200 3 6 NS2200AAR-12 NS2200AAR-18 NS2200AAR-24 NS2200AAR-30 NS2200AAR-36

*NOTE: “-DV” designates a dual-voltage 220-440V Weld Transformer

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