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CenterLine offers a wide collection of welding pins ranging from stainless steel to hard coated to our new DuraPin™ design.
Standard and custom nose designs are available for either manual or auto load fastener loading options.

Our welding pins are suitable for virtually any weld nut or weld stud fastener design.

CenterLine Welding Pins | Weld Systems Integrators

The CenterLine weld pins are offered in several materials and finishes best suited to specific applications.

  • Stainless steel pins offer strength and durability at an economical cost. They are ideal for lower volume applications or for emergency replacement needs.
  • Coated pins are fully insulated to prevent arcing and offer greater wear resistance to extend operating life. They have better resistance to contamination and damage from the harsh environments common to projection welding applications.
  • The DuraPin design is CenterLine’s most robust coated pin design. It is the ideal choice for very harsh applications such as hot stamped parts and laser cut holes.

CenterLine also offers welding pins designed for CenterLine’s VeriFast™ fastener detection nut and stud welding electrode products.

Weld Systems Integrators is a distributor of CenterLine Consumable Welding Products, keeping an inventory of new and used equipment IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.

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