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CenterLine welding heads are designed in metric and imperial sizes, in several RWMA copper alloys, and with or without class 3 or class 11 tungsten soldered inserts for longer operating life.

Many designs incorporate an insulating sleeve that protects against arcing and ensures that the locating pin will stay in alignment when abrasive dust and weld spatter is present.

CenterLine heads can be used with coated or non-coated pins. All weld heads have a larger welding surface or contact area than normal spot welding electrodes for less wear and deterioration of the electrode.

CenterLine Welding Heads | Weld Systems Integrators

Welding Head Series include:

  • GH Series – has a precision metal sleeve that is secured and insulated by a proprietary CenterLine process. Construction is more mechanically robust and longer wearing than fiberglass designs.
  • PH Series – an economical option that uses a polymer sleeve locked in place and able to deliver effective performance at a reduced cost. Also, enables a closer welding surface to the pin to accommodate challenging projection locations.
  • The main advantage of retaining the insulated sleeve is the sleeve provides a second layer of insulation if a pin fails.
  • CenterLine can manufacture very quickly with little or no downtime.
GH & PH Style Compatible Part Numbers
GH NumberPH NumberGH NumberPH NumberGH NumberPH Number
Max. XXX = .427Max. XXX = .377Max. XXX = .642Max. XXX= .638Max. XXX = .852Max. XXX= .825

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