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TAEevo Tech Air-Cooled Industrial Chillers with Scroll compressors – R410A

Nominal cooling capacity 1.7 – 53.6 Tons

TAEevo Tech is an air-cooled liquid chiller, designed for industrial use and for installation in an external environment. A broad range of options available in product configuration and accessories in kit form, complete the already generous standard equipment and allow this machine to meet the majority of requirements of industrial applications. TAEevo Tech is therefore the solution for all applications that require high performance, reliability, continuity of operation, and reduced management costs.

Weld Systems Integrators (WSI) is your source for MTA chillers, including TAEevo Tech air-cooled industrial chillers for resistance spot welding and process cooling applications. We offer WORLDWIDE shipping from our Warrensville Heights, OH location. Contact WSI at 844-WSI-WELD or +1-216-475-5629 for more information on available MTA chillers.

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TAEevo Tech Air-Cooled Industrial Chillers - Standard Features
  • Refrigerant R410A
  • Hermetic Scroll compressors
  • High-efficiency finned coil evaporator with copper tubes and aluminum fins, installed inside the water storage tank
  • Axial fans with galvanized steel (mod. 015-020) or die-cast aluminum/plastic crescent-shaped blades (mod. 031-802)
  • Air-cooled condensers (copper tubes/aluminum fins) fitted on one side of the chiller (mod. 015-602). Air filter standard from mod. 031
  • Storage tank (design pressure 87 psig) complete with P3 pump, filling/drain valve, pressure gauge
  • Internal hydraulic bypass between the inlet and outlet connections
  • Electronic level sensor with a water conductivity function
  • High and low refrigerant pressure switches
  • Refrigerant pressure gauges (mod. 031-802)
  • Parametric microprocessor control IC208CX
  • Protection rating: IP54 (mod. 031-802) or IP44 (mod. 015-020)
  • Dynamic set point function
  • Phase monitor against phase loss and phase reversal
  • Compressor crankcase heater
TAEevo Tech Air-Cooled Industrial Chillers - Main Benefits
  • Refrigerant R410A is an environmentally friendly fluid (zero ozone depletion potential) and provides high performances thanks to its outstanding heat conductivity
  • The innovative evaporator-in-tank configuration has been designed specifically for industrial process cooling. It allows a reliable operation also with high flow rates (with low-pressure drops) and is furthermore compatible with the presence of contaminated process fluids
  • Large cold water tank keeps outlet water temperature constant even under varying load conditions
  • Scroll compressors ensure high efficiency, excellent performance, and elevated energy savings
  • Plug-in solution with integrated pump and tank, perfectly suited to the needs of the industrial User
  • Protection class IP44 (mod. 015-020) and IP54 (mod. 031-802) makes TAEevo Tech suitable for outdoor installation
  • Extended operating limits: TAEevo Tech standardly accepts water inlet temperatures up to 95 °F and delivers outlet temperatures down to 14 °F. TAEevo Tech operates with ambient temperatures up to 114.8 °F and with the minimum ambient temperature down to 23 °F; • Extensive range of accessories and kits, allow each unit to match the specific customer requirements
  • Cooling circuit suitable both for atmospheric and pressurized hydraulic circuits (up to 87 psig)
  • Comprehensive safety equipment, including phase monitor pressure switches, antifreeze sensors, level sensors, crankcase heaters, and an internal hydraulic bypass circuit
  • The dynamic set point function is an ambient tracking system available as standard. The microprocessor automatically adapts the set point of the outlet water temperature to a set differential from the ambient temperature
TAEevo Tech - Documentation ( PDF )

TAEevo Tech 020 Flyer – MTA TAEevo Tech 020 promotional flyer

020 Service Manual – MTA TAEevo Tech 020 service manual

015 – 020 General Arrangement – MTA TAEevo Tech 015 – 020 general arrangement

015 – 020 Electrical Schematic – MTA TAEevo Tech 015 – 020 electrical schematic

TAEevo Tech 031 / 051 Flyer – MTA TAEevo Tech 031 / 051 promotional flyer

031 – 061 Electrical Schematic – MTA TAEevo Tech 031 / 061 electrical schematic

031 – 051 General Arrangement – MTA TAEevo Tech 031 / 051 general arrangement

TAEevo TECH Specifications

TAEevo TechMODEL20315181101121161201251301351381401402502602702802
Nominal cooling capacity (1)Tons2.
Total absorbed power (1)kW3.
Flow rate (1)gpm4.87.710.918.222.127.931.736.240.247.753.365.772.774.486.695.4110.2128
Cooling circuitsN111111111111122222
Compressors per circuitN111111122222222222
460 / 3 / 60 (optional 230 / 3 / 60)
460 / 3 / 60
Nominal power (each)kW0.450.760.761.
Total airflowcfm24704530359058259945941594151153511415156251562525662243672589525070242854396742378
Pump power P3 (43 psig)kW0.
Pump power P5 (72 psig)kW1.
Tank volumegal1630303767676793939393108108132132132179179
Water connectionsNPT3/4"1"1"1 - 1/2"1 - 1/2"1 - 1/2"1 - 1/2"2"2"2"2"2 - 1/2"2 - 1/2"2 - 1/2"2 - 1/2"2 - 1/2"3"3"
Sound pressuredB (A)53.954.655.755.957.
Weight (installed)lbs470721772108814391455149021612344237924033140332838213929400850485092
(1) @ nominal conditions of 55°F water inlet, 45°F water outlet & 95°F ambient air temperatures

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