NEW Entron Weld Controls – EN6001-1200C

WSI Serial #: 60582-02

ENTRON Part #: 10-33-0C-00-01-AO-00-00

Entron Weld Controls – EN6001-1200C- WITHOUT DISCONNECTS [ part # 10-33-0C-00-01-AO-00-00 | WSI Serial # 60582-02 ] IN-STOCK and FOR SALE at Weld Systems Integrators.

WSI is a distributor of ENTRON resistance welding controls, maintaining an IN-STOCK inventory at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery. Contact our knowledgeable sales team at 844-WSI-WELD or +1-216-475-5629 for immediate assistance.

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    SPECIFICATIONSSerial #: 60582-02
    Manufacturer Name:ENTRON
    Type:Weld Control
    Mfg. Model #:EN6001-1200C
    Low cost
    Easier to program
    More I / O
    USB backup port
    Schedule Number:0 to 63
    Squeeze Delay:0 to 99 cycles
    Squeeze:0 to 99 cycles
    Valve Mode:None / All combinations of 3 valves
    Weld1:0 to 99 cycles
    Weld1 Current Regulation Mode:Phase Shift / Constant Current
    Heat1:0 to 99%
    Current1:0 to 100.00 kA
    Cool1:0 to 99 cycles
    Slope:0 to 99 cycles
    Weld2:0 to 99 cycles
    Weld2 Current Regulation Mode:Phase Shift / Constant Current
    Heat2:0 to 99%
    Current2:0 to 100.00 kA
    Cool2:0 to 99 cycles
    Hold:0 to 99 cycles
    Off:0 to 99 cycles
    Impulses:1 to 99 cycles
    Heat / Current Offset:-15 to +15%
    Cycle Mode:Non-repeat / Repeat / Chained / Successive / Wait-here
    General Condition:NEW
    Additional Details:
    Warranty:1 Year
    • Program Lockout (key switch)
    • Weld/No Weld Switch
    • Water Flow Switch
    • Counter Reset Pushbutton
    • Optional Mode Switch (program Lockout and Weld/No Weld)
    • Plug-in Ethernet card provides PLC compatibility via Modbus and E/IP for remote I/O
    • Constant current regulation; Primary / Secondary feedback
    • Current monitoring with high, low, and pre-limits
    • Up to 64 programs (internal or 16 external selection)
    • On Timer Membrane Keyboard with backlit 128×64 (8 lines) LCD graphic display
    • Six (6) inputs and four (4) outputs with output protection on CPU
    • Electrode management functions, including stepping, tip-dressing and preset curves
    • Welding programs may be linked together for complex spot schedules (chained or successive) Refresh firmware through USB device
    • Load/export control settings from/to USB device
    • AC 60/50 Hz welding supported
    • Spot / Pulsation / Seam welding / Flash or Butt welding / Brazing
    • Multiple weld intervals plus pulsation, upslope and downslope
    • Air-over-oil gun operation
    • Retraction – maintained, and momentary
    • Water Saver (contactor timer)
    • Head lock function
    • Phase shift monitor
    • Half-cycle operation (Alt. / Pos. / Neg.)