WTC MedWeld WT6000 MFDC and AC Resistance Weld Controls FOR SALE

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WTC MedWeld WT6000 MFDC and AC

The WT6000 MFDC control powered by GEN6 technology offers flexible intuitive programming for customization of your welding process. Combined with the guidance of built-in diagnostic tools, the WT6000 will support process control of your resistance welding application.

The WT6000 AC control is based on the process technology of WTC’s inverter technology however for use with SCR-based welding controls.

  • Up to 255 Weld Schedules
  • Web-Based Interface – Use simple web browsing software
  • Free Format Programming for Various Applications
  • Configurable Input and Outputs
  • Network Ready (Weld Gateway / RAFT Gateway)
  • Various Robotic & PLC Connectivity (DeviceNet, Ethernet IP, ProfiNet, ProfiBus)
  • Weld Tool Efficiency Monitoring using C-Factor tools
  • Automatic Power Factor Compensation
  • Laptop or DEP Interface for Programming and Data Acquisition
  • Range: 220-600VAC 50/60hz Mains
  • Discrete I/O interface using optional PLC Devices
  • No Batteries Required – Processor Data Backed Up by F-RAM
  • Multiple Firing Modes – Primary CREG, AVC
  • Available in Kit or Complete Weld Panel with Single or Multiple WCU
WTC WT6000 MFDC and AC Weld Controls | Weld Systems Integrators
MedWeld WT6000 Specifications
Voltage: Single Phase AC 220V – 600V (± 10%)
Line Power Frequency: 50/60Hz (Automatic Selection)
Device Type: Device Type: SCR – Water Cooled – 1650A—50% duty cycle
Power Consumption: 70VA (Idling Condition)
Weld Processor: WT6000 Integrated
I/O Protocol: Ethernet IP
Optional I/O Protocol: Device Net, PROFINET,PROFIBUS
Onboard Inputs: 2 x 24VDC
Onboard Outputs: 3 x 120VAC
Number of Weld Schedules: 255
Number of Steppers: 10
Processor Storage Type: F-RAM (No Battery Required)
Weld Processor Languages: English
Firing Control: SCR Phase Control with Auto Power Factor
Firing modes: Primary Constant Current
Voltage Control
Primary Current Accuracy: ± 1% Setting, ± .5% Repeatability
AC Mains Measurement Accuracy: ± 1% Setting, ± .5% Repeatability

Optional Devices:

  • Data Entry Panels (DEP105,300)
  • Weld / RAFT Gateway Network Software

MedWeld 6000 Welding Applications:

  • Multi-Pack Configurations
  • Seam Welding
  • Robotic Welding
  • Projection Welding
MedWeld WT6000 Connectivity
WTC MedWeld 6000 Connectivity | Weld Systems Integrators
  • Two (2) 100BASE T Ethernet Ports
  • Local I/O Port
  • DeviceNet, EIP, ProfiBus or ProfiNet Connectivity
  • Serial RS485 Port
MedWeld WT6000 Touch Safe Packaging

Touch Safe Packaging – for Safety of Maintenance People
External Water Cooling – or Direct Air Cooling

  • 250 amp, 2 -Pole Circuit Breaker (400 amp Option) with Magnetic, Thermal, and External Shunt Trip
  • Size 4 Isolation Contactor (Size 5 option)
  • 500VA Control Transformer
  • LIO for Shunt Trip, Isolation Contactor, Control Stop
  • GEN6 WCU – 1650 Amp SCR – Water Cooled @50% Duty Cycle
  • Integrated 6000 Processor Module
  • DeviceNet, EIP, ProfiNet, ProfiBus or Discrete I/O via external PLC


  • A1 Stand: (950H x 510W x 410D (mm)) (37.4”H x 20”W x 16”D)
  • Top Mount: (610H x 740W x 390D (mm)) (24.02”H x 29.13”W x 15.40”D)
  • Dimensions of TM does not include the shipping feet
WT60TN-Robot Top Mount Control | Weld Systems Integrators WT600N - A1 Stand | Weld Systems Integrators
RAFT™ Resistive Adaptive Feedback Technology (OPTIONAL)

Take control of your resistance welding process with the implementation of RAFT™ (Resistive Adaptive Feedback Technology). RAFT™ is comprised of two independent software components – AdaptQ™ and SoftQ™.

AdaptQ™ is a software algorithm designed to manipulate both current & or time based on resistive feedback from the weld that is taking place.

SoftQ™ is a system of quality monitoring data tools for post weld data analysis.

Key Benefits

RAFT™ will adapt the weld schedule via current and or time to tackle weld disturbances such as:

  • Part fit-up
  • Part thickness variations
  • Misaligned electrodes
  • Variations in coatings
  • Sealers
  • Weld force variations
  • Shunting
  • Machine tooling degradation
SoftQ Graphing Tool | Weld Systems Integrators Expulsion Detection Monitor | Weld Systems Integrators
Download WTC MedWeld WT4000 AC Catalog [ PDF ] Download WTC MedWeld WT6000 MFDC and AC Catalog [ PDF ]
MedWeld-4000-Catalog | Weld Systems Integrators MedWeld-6000-Catalog | Weld Systems Integrators
LINK: WTC MedWeld WT4000 AC LINK: WTC MedWeld WT6000 MFDC and AC

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