WTC MedWeld WT4000 AC Resistance Weld Control

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WTC MedWeld WT4000 AC

The WTC MedWeld WT4000 AC resistance weld control is unsurpassed in its flexibility and simplicity for a powerful control system. Quality welds with repeatable performance is made possible with the control tools made available by the MedWeld 4000 control.

  • Current regulation and voltage control mode (within one weld)
  • Multi-language programming (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Total I / O programmability
  • Local safety I / O embedded
  • Free format programming for various applications
  • Network ready using WebVIEW for weld data collection
  • Various I / O connectivity (DIO, Device Net, ProfiBus)
  • Weld tool efficiency monitoring (C-Factor)
  • Weld Transformer protection (Delayed firing prevents saturation)
  • Dynamic squeeze functions
  • Wait for line voltage – asynchronous load scheduling
  • Laptop or DEP interface for programming and data acquisition
  • Analog interface port for controlling welding force
  • Large repertoire of inputs and outputs
  • 220 – 600 VAC 50 / 60hz mains
  • Modular design for ease of maintenance
WTC MedWeld 4000 | Weld Systems Integrators
MedWeld WT4000 AC Welding Control - Portable Weld Station
  • 400 Amp, 2 Pole Circuit Breaker with Magnetic and External Shunt Trip
  • Single Operator – Two Welding Guns
  • Operator Panel with Tip Dress and Cap Change Control Buttons
  • 265KVA, 200KVA, 160KVA Weld Transformer – 220-600VAC 50/60Hz Mains (choose one of 9 Selections)
  • Integrated MedWeld 4000 Processor Module
  • Dimensions (116H x 100W x 86D (mm)) – 250Kg
  • Network – MedLAN to WebVIEW
  • Tip Dress Management Interface
  • Pneumatic Panel – with Proportional Valve Control
  • Six discrete Air Valves
  • Water flow valve with electronic flow monitor (optional)
MedWeld 4000 AC Portable Weld Station | Weld Systems Integrators
Programming Interfaces

These devices are used to interface the user to the MedWeld 4000 weld control for programming parameters and reviewing welding data.

MedWeld 4000 - DEP 100 | Weld Systems Integrators MedWeld 4000 - DEP 300 | Weld Systems Integrators MedWeld 4000 - WebView | Weld Systems Integrators
DEP 100 DEP 100 WebView
MedWeld WT4000 AC Configurable Designs - Modules 821, 822 and 823

Programmable Discrete I/O Module “821” – 16 Inputs / 10 Outputs with each point configurable by programming

Welding Control Module “822” – Completely programmable for various resistance welding tasks

Serial Interface Module “823” – Allows quick I/O interface for Device Net or ProfiBUS

MedWeld 4000 - Module 821 | Weld Systems Integrators MedWeld 4000 - Module 822 | Weld Systems Integrators MedWeld 4000 - Module 823 | Weld Systems Integrators
Module “821” Module “822” Module “823”

Analog Ports Available

  • Complimentary Analog I/O
  • Output: 4 – 20 mA (+I Loop, -I Loop)
  • Input: 0 – 10V (+Vout, -Vout)

There are other variations of circuit boards to produce the MedWeld 4000 control including compact 24V DIO and new enhanced processor modules.

Network Ready
All WTC welding controls are network ready. The MedWeld 4000 control uses a simple RS485 MedLAN network that daisy chains up to 30 controls on one channel. The information from these controls can be brought to the plant’s Ethernet network by means of a WebVIEW Gateway. The WebVIEW Gateway is available in Single, Dual, and Quad Channel Configurations.
MedWeld 4000 - Network Ready | Weld Systems Integrators
MedWeld 4000 Connectivity
Power Source
Voltage: Single Phase AC 220V – 600V (± 10%)
Line Power Frequency: 50/60Hz (Automatic Selection)
Device Type: SCR
Power Consumption: 70VA (Idling Condition)
Monitor and Control Functions
Weld Processor: MedWeld 4000 Integrated
I / O Protocol: Device Net, DIO, or PROFIBUS
Number of Weld Schedules: Up to 63 – varies by user application
Number of Weld Steppers: Up to 32 – varies by user application
Processor Storage Type: RAM ( Battery Required)
Weld Processor Languages: English with some options for one alternate French, Spanish, Portuguese
Monitoring and Control Functions
Firing Modes: Primary Constant Current

Automatic Voltage Control

Primary Current Range: 20A to Rated Current Level
Primary Current Accuracy: ± 1% Setting, ± .5% Repeatability
Machine Monitoring Functions: Analog Input Window Functions

Programmable Input Wait / Extend Functions

Dynamic Weld Gun Squeezing Functions

Wait for Line Voltage Functions

C-Factor Monitoring and Limit Functions

Analog Interface Ports:

  • Local I/O Port
  • DIO, Device-Net or ProfiBus
  • Serial RS485 Port
  • Local Programming Port

Optional Devices:

  • Data Entry Panels (DEP100,300)
  • Weld Interface Laptop Software
  • WebVIEW
  • Weld / RAFT Gateway Network Software

MedWeld WT4000 AC Welding Applications:

  • Systems Integrator Kit Configurations
  • Portable Gun Station Controls
  • Seam Welding
  • Robotic Welding
  • Projection Welding
MedWeld 2200 Option

For stand-alone welding equipment, the MedWeld 2200 resistance weld control eliminates the need for a separate, costly weld monitor. The MedWeld 2200 provides both ease of use and ensures quality, repeatable welds. Its flexibility is unsurpassed in its category.

Single glance view of all weld functions while monitoring current, voltage, and power factor feedback from the illuminated 2 line, 40 character display. The MedWeld 2200 uses the same base control boards as the MedWeld WT4000 AC.

MedWeld 2200 Option | Weld Systems Integrators

Download WTC MedWeld WT4000 AC Catalog [ PDF ] Download WTC MedWeld WT6000 MFDC and AC Catalog [ PDF ]
MedWeld-4000-Catalog | Weld Systems Integrators MedWeld-6000-Catalog | Weld Systems Integrators
LINK: WTC MedWeld WT4000 AC LINK: WTC MedWeld WT6000 MFDC and AC

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