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Tuffaloy nut and stud welding products include welding electrodes, arctic electrodes, metic nut welding electrodes, hex nut welding heads, stud welding electrodes, PM holders and welding electrode holders.

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In today’s assembly systems threaded nuts and studs are a primary means of assembly.  Tuffaloy offers a variety of systems to meet the needs of this popular fastener system.  Water cooled ARCTIC systems are available for both stud and nut welding.  Piloted and non piloted electrodes, stud and nut welding systems including bodies, replaceable heads and insulated pins or inserts are also supplied in all of the popular US or Metric dimensions.  The replaceable heads can be obtained with copper alloys faces or with refractory facings for improved life.

The various systems can be incorporated into press welders and automated systems using straight holders, electrodes with tapers, platen mounted and threaded systems.  Tuffaloy has the nut and stud welding products to help you improve your welding process.

Stud and Nut Welding Electrodes

Stud and nut welding electrodes are available in a Tuffaloy system designed to bring long life and consistence to the manufacturers using rocker arms and press welders.  These electrodes have very large taper surface areas which reduce seizing in the holders and make removal much easier.  Quality welds and long life is the main feature of this family of projection welding electrodes.

Arctic Electrodes

Arctic Electrodes bring water cooling to the face of the stud and nut welding electrode.  The system is available in the standard locator pin and sleeve sizes.  Arctics can be mounted with standard RW #5 or 6 tapers, straights shanks or platen mounts.  This very versatile system brings the water to where you need it for long life in high duty cycle applications.

Metric Nut Welding Electrodes

Metric nut welding electrode systems include a threaded removable head, locator pin and mounting body.  The standard head is made using class 2 copper alloy but is available with copper tungsten facings.  Non conductive locator pins are also part of this system and insure good quality threads in the finish welded nut assembly.

GH Series Nut Welding Heads

Tuffaloy manufactures a series of Hex Nut Welding Heads.  These are faced with copper tungsten to extend their life.  Insulating sleeves are also provided.  Hex series heads are offered in several popular hex sizes.  They are stocked with holes bored for many standard nut sizes.

5 RW Stud Electrodes

5 RW stud welding electrodes are available with copper tungsten facings.  These products are designed for use with standard RW #5 tapered holders for those companies using press welders and rockers arms.  Insulating sleeves are included to prevent damage to the stud during the welding cycle.

Nut and Stud PM Holders

Nut and stud PM holders (platen mount holders) are available to use with all of the Tuffaloy nut and stud welding systems.  The PM holders mount to press welder platens. and can accommodate Stud and Nut Welding Electrodes, Arctic Electrodes, Metric Nut Welding Electrodes, and Stud Welding Electrodes.

Nut and Stud Welding Electrode Holder

Nut and stud welding electrode holders are designed for use with rocker arm and press welder style machines.  These holders are used with Tuffaloy’s Nut and Stud Welding Electrodes.  These holders are designed with increased taper surface contact area for ease of electrode removal in higher force applications.

Tuffaloy nut and stud welding holders and electrodes are IN-STOCK and available for immediate purchase from Weld Systems Integrators. We are a Tuffaloy master distributor, maintaining an inventory of products at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.

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