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Metric Nut Electrodes IN-STOCK at Weld Systems Integrators

Tuffaloy metric nut electrodes IN-STOCK and available for immediate purchase from Weld Systems Integrators. We are a master distributor, maintaining an inventory of Tuffaloy products at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.

Tuffaloy now stocks the head / pin style welding system components that adds to your selection for stud and nut welding needs. From our standard style to our Arctic, that produces higher quality welds and longer life, you can select the product that best meets your needs.

Heads are made from RWMA class 2 material that are an optimal cost consumable. Class 3 and 10W are available for longer life. With a concave seat the pin locates in the center of assembly when air is applied to the system. This gives you a repeatable location for automated nut feeders to introduce the nut to the environment.

Pins have a nonconductive surface on a steel matrix that gives longer life in a repetitive motion environment. With the threaded head securing the pin in place it makes it easy to replace the pin to meet your requirements. Tuffaloy can design pins for special applications.

Metric Nut Electrode Heads

Metric Nut Electrode Heads | Weld Systems Integrators

Metric Nut Electrodes
Part Num Hole Dia. A Pin Size B Thread C Dia. Copper-Tungsten Faced Heads
175-8004 .197 4mm M18 1.0 175-8004-10W
175-8005 .236 5mm M18 1.0 175-8005-10W
175-8006 .276 6mm M18 1.0 175-8006-10W
175-8007 .315 7mm M18 1.0 175-8007-10W
175-8008 .354 8mm M18 1.0 175-8008-10W
175-8009 .394 9mm M18 1.0 175-8009-10W
175-8010 .432 10mm M22 1.125 175-8010-10W
175-8011 .472 11mm M22 1.125 175-8011-10W
175-8012 .512 12mm M22 1.125 175-8012-10W
175-8013 .551 13mm M22 1.125 175-8013-10W
175-8014 .588 14mm M26 1.25 175-8014-10W
Metric Nut Electrode Pins
Metric Nut Electrode Pins | Weld Systems Integrators
Metric Nut Electrodes
Part Num A Nut B OAL C Base Pilot Dia.
195-3004 4mm 1.12 12mm .185
195-3005 5mm 1.17 12mm .224
195-3006 6mm 1.23 12mm .264
195-3007 7mm 1.24 12mm .303
195-3008 8mm 1.25 12mm .340
195-3009 9mm 1.19 12mm .380
195-3010 10mm 1.37 16mm .422
195-3011 11mm 1.38 16mm .458
195-3012 12mm 1.40 16mm .500
195-3013 13mm 1.37 16mm .539
195-3014 14mm 1.50 .815 .580
195-3015 15mm 1.52 .815 .630
Metric Nut Electrode Bodies

Metric Nut Electrode Bodies | Weld Systems Integrators

Metric Nut Electrodes
Description Part Num A OAL B Dia. C Thread D Taper
TDH-25A 301-0004 1.77 1 18mm #4
TDH-25C 301-0005 1.97 1 18mm #5
TDH-30A 301-0015 1.97 1.125 22mm #5
TDH-35A 301-0020 1.97 1.125 26mm #5
Metric Nut Upper Electrodes

Metric Nut Upper Electrodes | Weld Systems Integrators

Metric Nut Electrodes
Description Part Num A ID B OAL C Dia. D Taper
TNFD 16-M5-16-3 186-0101 5mm 2.36 .625 5RW
TNFD 20-M6-16-3 186-0102 6mm 2.36 .75 5RW
TNFD 20-M8-16-3 186-0103 7.5mm 2.36 .75 5RW
TNFD 20-M10-16-3 186-0104 10mm 2.36 .75 5RW
TNFD 20-M12-16-3 186-0105 12mm 2.36 .75 5RW


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