Advanced Welding with Smart Detection™

SD Welding – Advanced Welding Technology with Smart Detection from Weld Systems Integrators (WSI).

Consistent Quality + Increased Output = Lower Production Costs

Tuffaloy Products, Inc., a company dedicated to welding technology and its applications in the manufacturing environment for over 75 years, is proud to introduce the SD cylinder incorporating Smart Detection™ technology. The cylinder is fully integrated with the ENTRON iPAK MFDC and 602X-Series AC weld controls.

Smart Detection™ brings a range of features to the welding environment that improve productivity, reduce costs and reduce operational risks at a cost far below that of equivalent technologies. Equivalent technologies are also purchased separately and require integration.

Key Benefits of the SD System:

Secondary Contact Monitoring: Electrodes come together under low force and automatically retract if an obstruction is met. Full welding force is not applied until contact with the work piece is sensed. Contact is sensed via two independent means: measurement of the force in the servo system, and ENTRON’s electrical secondary contact detector unit (SCM2), providing dual-redundancy for your operation.

Redundant Communication: SD System’s servo and weld controller are linked by both discrete signals and a communication channel. With risk reduction in mind, the system employs a dual-threaded architecture to drive these links independently. Correct correlation of the two is required before any motion can be initiated.

Production Speed with Low-Force Approach: With other systems, “low-force” is synonymous with “slow-speed” which negatively impacts productivity and encourages risk reduction options to be defeated. The SD System’s low-force approach does not require compromise.

Set-Down Monitoring with Programmable High / Low Limits: Ideal for Projection Welding, this feature allows for  monitoring set-down of welds, and alerting the operator if set-down is out of range.

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