NEW TECNA 4644 – Foot Operated 25 KVA Rocker Arm Spot Welder

WSI-SELECT – In-Stock and For Sale at Weld Systems Integrators

NEW TECNA 4644 WSI Serial #: E0220037

NEW TECNA 4644 – foot-operated 25 kVA rocker arm spot welder [ WSI stock / serial #: E0220037 ] IN-STOCK and FOR SALE at Weld Systems Integrators.

  • Simple, fast setup and operation, with easy adjustment
  • 220 or 440V – dual-voltage welder works from 208-480, anywhere in your plant
  • Arms easily slide in and out for small and large parts
  • Access hard-to-reach welds with built-in angle / straight tip holders
  • Easy-to-program weld controls

WSI maintains an IN-STOCK inventory of new and used resistance welding equipment at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery. Contact our knowledgeable sales team at 844-WSI-WELD or +1-216-475-5629 for immediate assistance.

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    • TE101 control, mounted on the front of the machine, allows the operator to view data while welding.
    • Air pressure gauge, regulator knob, and speed controls are mounted at the top of the machine for easy monitoring and adjustment.
    • Water-cooled transformer, arms, and electrodes. Epoxy resin-coated transformer for maximum protection.
    • Adjustable electrode stroke enables access to a greater range of parts.
    • Chromium-copper electrode holders are designed for long life and heavy-duty service. It may be mounted at 12° and 90° positions in the arm. Optional Universal-Style arms are available exclusively from WSI for 1″ diameter electrode holders, and for mounting the electrode holders at 30° and 90°.
    • Adjustable throat depth enables maximum flexibility.
    • Ergonomic frame for long-term operation in production environments.
    • WSI exclusive standard low-profile lower holder enables accessing parts as small as 3″ diameter.
    • Single foot pedal (standard). Additional foot pedal (optional part #73070) on base allows mounting both foot pedals on a joint base.
    • PINCH POINT SAFETY OPTION: WSI-supplied TECNA rocker arm spot welders can be available with UNITROL Soft Touch Safety for pinch point protection.
    WSI stock / serial numberE0220037
    Foot or air-operatedFOOT
    Power @ 50% duty cycle25 kVA
    Max power55 kVA
    Secondary voltage4.6 V
    Maximum Short Circuit Current14500 A
    Thermal current @ 100%3.8 kA
    Supply voltage (@ 60Hz)*Dual Voltage 220 / 440 V
    Delayed fuses @ 220 VAC100 A
    Delayed fuses @ 440 VAC50 A
    Primary cables (up to 30m)0.03 in. (16 mm2)
    Insulation classF
    Compressed air supply
    Air consumption per 1000 spots @ 94 psi (650 kP / 6.5 bar)
    Arm minimum length15.0 in. (380 mm)
    > Max electrode force @ 94 psi (6.5 bar)330 lbs. (150 daN)
    > Working stroke0.4 – 2.4 in. (10 – 60 mm)
    Arm maximum length27.6 in. (700 mm)
    > Max electrode force @ 94 psi (6.5 bar)176 lbs. (80 daN)
    > Working stroke0.6 – 4.1 in. (15 – 105 mm)
    Short circuit current with arms @ max length10.5 kA
    Water cooling @ 36 psi (250 kP / 2.5 bar)1 gpm (3.8 lpm)
    Minimum water pressure36 psi (2.5 bar)
    Aerial noise produced70 dB (A)
    Measured conditions
    Working stroke0.79 in. (20 mm)
    Welding time20 cycles
    Welding current11 kA
    Working rating (welds per minute)10 # / min.
    Net weight326 lbs. (148 kg)
    Arms40 in. (1016 mm)
    Electrode holders0.87 in. (22 mm)
    Electrode taper size4RW/1MT