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Manage welding quality and production with Resistance Weld Checkers, Weld Monitors, and Weld Analyzers.

Be in total control of your welding process by monitoring key variables such as current, voltage, time, displacement, and more. Resistance Weld Checkers and Monitors FOR SALE at Weld Systems Integrators can identify process trends and improve weld quality, ensuring production stability.

Weld checkers, monitors, and analyzers are invaluable tools for production monitoring, process development, and weld quality analysis. These tools measure one or more of the electrical and/or mechanical parameters that dynamically change during the welding process.

Weld Systems Integrators offers a full range of portable/handheld, desktop, and machine-mounted weld checkers, monitors, and analyzers (from AMADA WELD TECH, TECNA, ENTRON, and Dengensha), some with built-in printers or RS232 output.  We keep an inventory IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, OHIO location for quick shipment and delivery.

Portable/Handheld, Desktop, and Machine-Mounted Weld Checkers, Monitors, and Analyzers
Portable/Handheld, Desktop and
Desktop and
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AMADA WELD TECH  [ Portable / Handheld ]

Amada Miyachi MM-410A Handheld Weld Checker | Weld Systems Integrators

AMADA WELD TECH portable / handheld weld monitors, weld checkers, and force gauges for resistance spot welding:

TECNA TE1600 [ Portable / Handheld ]

TECNA Weld Checker | Weld Systems Integrators

The TECNA TE1600 portable / handheld weld tester from TECNADirect.com is designed for measuring the parameters of resistance welding. By using probes of a different kind, the same instrument enables to measure both the welding current and the force at the electrodes.

The power of the 32-bit microprocessor and the accuracy of the 12-bit A/D converter make the instrument a high-performing one.

It is suitable for measuring on standard machines in alternate current (AC), direct current three-phase rectified and medium frequency machines (DC), and capacitor discharge machines (CDW).

TECNA TE1700C [ Portable / Handheld ]

TECNA TE1700C Portable Weld Tester | Weld Systems Integrators

The TECNA TE1700C weld tester from TECNADirect.com is a portable/handheld instrument purposely designed for measuring the resistance welding parameters. By using different kinds of probes, the same instrument enables to measure the welding current, the force at the electrodes, the voltage at the electrodes, the energy, the resistance, and the thermal current.

The analyzer can be set through the 5.7″ color LCD touch screen, an indispensable high-performing diagnostic tool that provides a graphical display of the waveforms of the selected signals.

Suitable for measuring the current of AC, DC / MFDC, and CDW machines.

ENTRON WA2 [ Portable / Handheld ]

Entron WA2 Weld Analyzer | Weld Systems Integrators

The ENTRON WA2 weld analyzer offers the engineering professional the facilities to analyze, fault-find, and improve process quality on today’s sophisticated welding control systems.


  • Small and lightweight allowing for easy portability
  • Reads waveforms from 50 Hz upwards
  • Traceable accuracy
  • Data archiving

Dengensha [ Portable / Handheld, Desktop, and Machine-Mounted ]

Dengensha Weld Scope WS-80 | Weld Systems Integrators

Dengensha provides a variety of monitoring equipment, including weld scopes and pressure sensors to ensure accurate current/pressure monitoring and recording of welding quality. Weld scopes can measure welding current, cycle time, and peak current

AMADA WELD TECH [ Desktop and Machine-Mounted]

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