Dengensha Weld Scope WS-80

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The Dengensha Weld Scope WS-80 combines the features of a conventional weld checker, with the curve generating characteristics of an oscilloscope. The WS-80 is designed to ensure the accuracy and detail required by today’s high-quality welding manufacturers. The WS-80 measures welding current, cycle time, and peak current. It saves the last 800 welds and prints to the built-in thermal printer or a PC. The WS-80 also has a waveform display, zoom function, toroidal coil, fluorescent display, multiple output options, and a lithium backup battery.

Dengensha Weld Scope WS-80 | Weld Systems Integrators


  • 15 monitoring functions
  • 3 selectable detection ranges
  • Selectable printing output for quality assurance
  • Generates upper and lower limit error signals
  • “Good/No Good” output signals
  • Detects secondary cable wear


  • AC and DC welders
  • Single or three-phase welders
  • Capacitor discharge welders
  • AC seam welders
  • Pulsation AC/DC welders
  • Inverter welders
Power SourceAC100V ± 10%
Consumption: approx. 50 VA
DetectorToroidal coil
Detection rangeWeld current0.5 – 5 kA (5kA range)
2 – 20 kA (20kA range)
10 – 100 kA (100kA range)
Weld time1 – 99 cycle
Conduction angle30 – 180 degrees
Detection accuracyWeld current± 2%
Weld timeNo error
Conduction angle3%
DisplayFluorescent graphic display
PrinterKindThermal printer
ItemsWeld current, weld time, weld Nos., time,
Wave form, sequence No. Tip voltage
IntervalEvery time or selectable interval number
OtherOnly at error
Range set functionFirst: 1 – 99 cycle
Length: 1 – 99 cycle
Detection modeImpulse
Capacitor dischage
External inputsSolenoid valve signal: 1 (dry contact, DC24V, AC100V)
Detect ON / OFF: 1
Window selection: 4 (dry contact or open collector)
Enternal outputsError: 1 (upper / lower limit of weld current time, or no current error)
Monitor judgement: 2 (good or no-good)
Weld start signal: 1
Current wave (connected to oscillograph)
Wave of tip voltage
Welding data communications (RS-232C)
Data backupLithium battery
Dimensions (W x D x H)9.45 in. x 7.01 in. x 11.44 in.
240 mm x 178 mm x 290.5 mm
Weight6.1 kg

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