Cap Electrodes and Shanks

Cap electrodes and shanks IN-STOCK and available from Weld Systems Integrators (WSI) are a two part alternative to straight electrodes in which the shank can be reused many times. Caps are small holders that the female or male cap is attached to using a taper. This shank usually has a full size RWMA taper on its other end which is used to attach it to the holder mechanism on the machine, cylinder or servo.

Shanks can be straight or bent. Furthermore, the bends are single and double bends to reach over or into restricted areas of a part. They shanks are normally the same diameter as the electrode. Shanks serve as adapters between the machine and the electrode cap.

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Cap electrodes and shanks | Weld Systems Integrators

Cap electrodes and shank brands we represent:

Tuffaloy CMW Pacific Worco Centerline Luvata Tipaloy
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Cap electrodes and shanks available from Weld Systems Integrators include:

  • Straight shanks for male caps
  • Bent shanks for male caps
  • Male caps
  • Straight shanks for female caps
  • Bent shanks for female caps
  • Female caps

Male and female caps are available in a wide range of sizes, alloys, and styles. In addition, both are made with Class 1 or Class 2 alloy, in sizes to fit shanks sized 4 through 7 RW. Male caps are more effectively cooled than female caps.

Male and female shanks are typically made of Class 2 alloy, either straight, or bent to provide an offset. Shanks and caps do not work as well as standard electrodes on heavily coated metal such as galvanized or tin-plate.

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