Tuffaloy Resistance Welding Products – Swivel Faced Electrodes FOR SALE

IN-STOCK and Available NOW from Weld Systems Integrators

Tuffaloy swivel faced electrodes IN-STOCK and available for immediate purchase from Weld Systems Integrators. We are a master distributor, maintaining an inventory of Tuffaloy products at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.

Swivel tips have ball jointed swivel heads to compensate for minor misalignment and to eliminate marking of the work surface. They are all machined from Class 2 (Tuff 77) alloy bar stock. The S and SS series electrodes water hole does not reach the head. In the OS and OSH style electrodes the water does contact the head and an O-ring is used to seal the head. In the SS Series electrode a spring is used to keep pressure on the head for better positioning. Class 1 (Tuff 88) and Class 3 (Tuff 55) heads are also avalible upon request.

Tuffaloy Swivel Tips | Weld Systems Integrators

S-Series Electrodes

Tuffaloy Swivel Faced - S-Series | Weld Systems Integrators

Taper No Face Dia. ‘F’ Description Part Num
5-CT** 7/8 S-248 182-0248
5-CT** 1 S-249 182-0249
5-CT** 1-1/4 S-250 182-0250
4RW 7/8 S-348 182-0348
4RW 1 S-350 182-0350
4RW 1-1/4 S-351 182-0351
5RW 7/8 S-349 182-0349
5RW 1 S-353 182-0353
5RW 1-1/4 S-354 182-0354

**Will fit Tuffcap adapter shanks having No. 5 cap tapers, as shown on the male caps page.

OSH-Series Electrodes

Tuffaloy Swivel Faced - OSH-Series | Weld Systems Integrators

Taper No Face Dia. \\\’F\\\’ Description Part Num
5RW 1 OSH-353 182-2353
5RW 1-1/4 OSH-354 182-2354
5RW 1-1/2 OSH-356 182-2356
5RW 2 OSH-358 182-2358
7RW 2-1/2 3360 182-3360
OS-Series Electrodes

Tuffaloy Swivel Faced - OS-Series | Weld Systems Integrators

Taper No Face Dia. \\\’F\\\’ Description Part Num
4RW 7/8 OS-348 182-1348
4RW 1 OS-350 182-1350
4RW 1-1/4 OS-351 182-1351
5RW 7/8 OS-349 182-1349
5RW 1 OS-353 182-1353
5RW 1-1/4 OS-354 182-1354
OS-Series Electrodes

Tuffaloy Swivel Faced - SS-Series | Weld Systems Integrators

Taper No Face Dia. ‘F’ Description Part Num
5RW 1 SS-353 182-3353
5RW 1-1/4 SS-354 182-3354
OS-Series Electrodes

Tuffaloy Swivel Faced - S-Series High Degree Swivel | Weld Systems Integrators

S-Series High Degree Swivel
Taper No Face Dia. “F” Description Part Number
4RW 7/8 S-348 High Degree Swivel 182-0348-HS
4RW 1 S-350 High Degree Swivel 182-0350-HS
4RW 1-1/4 S-351 High Degree Swivel 182-0351-HS
5RW 7/8 S-349 High Degree Swivel 182-0349-HS
5RW 1 S-353 High Degree Swivel 182-0353-HS
5RW 1-1/4 S-354 High Degree Swivel 182-0354-HS


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