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Tuffaloy variable offset holders IN-STOCK and available for immediate purchase from Weld Systems Integrators. We are a master distributor, maintaining an inventory of Tuffaloy products at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.

Tuffaloy Variable Offset Holders | Weld Systems Integrators

Variable Offset Holders

Tuffaloy variable offset holders provide a range of offset dimensions rather than one fixed amount, as with other one-piece offset holders. The top has a long shank and can be moved in or out to vary the offset anywhere between four and five inches.

The holders, all of Class 3 alloy, are made in three barrel diameters: 1, 1-1/4, and 1-1/2 inches. The tips are positional because they have no taper: they have straight shanks, and are held in any selected position by a locking-wedge device in the holder. Tips are made in one and two-piece designs. The one-piece tips are offered with the nose designs shown. The two-piece tips are made up by combining the shanks shown here with Tuffcap caps (normally used with No. 5 RW size Tuffcap shanks). Either male or female tips can be used, with any #5 nose design offered on pages 6 & 7. All integral tips and shanks shown here are of Class 2 alloy.

30° Variable Offset Holders
Tuffaloy Variable Offset Holders | Weld Systems Integrators
Variable Offset Holders
Shank Dia. Description Part Num
1 SH-7223 345-7223
1-1/4 SH-7224 345-7224
1-1/2 SH-7225 345-7225
Straight Shank Electrodes
Tuffaloy Straight Shanked Tips for Variable Offset Holders | Weld Systems Integrators

Straight Shank Electrodes
Type of Tip Nose Length “A” Description Part Number
Pointed 1 SE-4408-1 170-4408
Offset 1 SE-4409-1 170-4409
15 1 SE-4410-1 170-4410
30 1 SE-4411-1 170-4411
Pointed 2 SE-4408-2 170-4418
Offset 2 SE-4409-2 170-4419
15 2 SE-4410-2 170-4420
30 2 SE-4411-2 170-4421
Straight-Shank Tuffcap Shanks
Tuffaloy Straight Shanked Shanks for Variable Offset Holders | Weld Systems Integrators

Straight-Shank Tuffcap Shanks
Tuffcap Cap Type Nose Length “A” Nose Angle Description Part Number
Male 3/4 90° SE-4412 170-4422
Male 3/4 15° SE-4413 170-4423
Female 1 90° SE-4414 170-4424
Female 1 15° SE-4415 170-4425


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