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Heavy-Duty Paddle Type Holders IN-STOCK at Weld Systems Integrators

Tuffaloy heavy-duty paddle type holders IN-STOCK and available for immediate purchase from Weld Systems Integrators. We are a master distributor, maintaining an inventory of Tuffaloy products at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.

Tuffaloy Heavy-Duty Paddle Type Holders | Weld Systems Integrators

Heavy-Duty Paddle Type Holders

Tuffaloy heavy-duty paddle-type holders are made of the stronger Class 3 alloy, for greater rigidity and minimum deflection, even under loads of 1000 pounds and more. Class 3 alloy provides 154% more tensile strength. Head height is a low 3/4-in. and the shank length is a usable 4 inches. Three low-profile electrodes of Class 2 alloy are offered for use in this heavy-duty holder. If applications permit greater head height, any standard No. 4 RW tip may be used.

Heavy-Duty Paddle Type Holders
Tuffaloy Heavy-Duty Paddle Type Holders | Weld Systems Integrators
Heavy-Duty Paddle-Type Holders
Shank Dia. Description Part Num
1 SH-7194 345-7194
1-1/4 SH-7195 345-7195
1-1/2 SH-7196 345-7196
Heavy-Duty Paddle Type Electrodes
Tuffaloy Heavy-Duty Paddle Type Electrodes | Weld Systems Integrators

Heavy-Duty Paddle-Type Electrodes
Description Part Num
Truncated Cone
SE-3247 170-3247
SE-3248 170-3248
Flat Faced
SE-3249 170-3249


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