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Tuffaloy equa-press holders IN-STOCK and available for immediate purchase from Weld Systems Integrators. We are a master distributor, maintaining an inventory of Tuffaloy products at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.Tuffaloy Equa-Press Holders | Weld Systems Integrators

U. S. Pat. No. 2,979,599
Canada Pat. 637470

The Equa-Press Holder makes two identical welds at once. When it contacts the workpiece, the forging pressure is automatically equalized between the two electrodes, regardless of variations in work thickness, or electrode wear (up to 3/16”). The two tip-holding barrels are sliding pistons, whose movements are controlled by a mechanical equalizing slide in the housing (see cutaway drawings). The spring’s only function is to return the barrels to a fully extended position when there is no work contact. Maximum conductivity is maintained through sturdy copper alloy working parts. Spacing can vary up to 4 inches, using Tuffaloy bent offset tips in Equa-Press holders having the standard barrel spacing of two inches (shown).

Barrel spacing up to six inches is available as semi-standard (see price list). These are drilled to order from stock components. To order you must give the barrel spacing desired, along with the Item number (from table). Example: 350-4012-3.25”.

EquaPress Standard Design (2-inch spacing)
Tuffaloy Equa-Press Holders - Standard Design | Weld Systems Integrators
Mounting Style Description Part Num
1″ shank 4010 350-4010
1-1/4″ shank 4011 350-4011
1-1/2″ shank 4012 350-4012
Platen 4013 350-
Equa-Press Short Design (2-inch spacing)
Tuffaloy Equa-Press Holders - Short Design | Weld Systems Integrators
Mounting Style Description Part Num
1″ shank 4015 350-4015
1-1/4″ shank 4016 350-4016
1-1/2″ shank 4017 350-4017
Platen 4018 350-4018


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