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Portable Air-Cooled Industrial Chillers

Cooling capacity from 0.3 to 1.2 Tons

“Craft-scale” manufacturing is on the rise and smaller industrial processors have the Developed as a logical extension of MTA’s agship TAEevo range, the TAEevo Tech MINI is Portable Air-Cooled Industrial Chillers Cooling capacity from 0.3 to 1.2 Tons Ecient, Evaporator-In-Tank Design Rugged, Industrial Construction Low Coolant Temperature Capability Non-Ferrous Coolant Circuit Advanced Electronic Controls same need for intelligent & reliable cooling solutions as their larger cousins. a small chiller with big-chiller features. The completely packaged design, with its need-coil evaporator located in the coolant storage tank and advanced electronic controls, combine high efficiency and reliability with compact dimensions. Perfect for cooling smaller industrial processes

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Maximum Performance & Applicability
The design of the MINI has been engineered to ensure class-leading performance and reliability. The innovative finned-coil evaporator maximizes heat transfer surface while reducing coolant pressure drop and the effects of fouling. The non-ferrous hydraulic circuit is compatible with a wide range of process coolants including deionized water and glycol mixtures.

Installation Flexibility
True to its name, compact dimensions allow the MINI to be installed in a variety of locations – even below a workbench. And the robust cabinet structure, with eyebolts, allows lifting from either the top or the bottom. Options for casters and external valves provide portability. And the dual-frequency design of model M03 allows global operation at either 50 or 60Hz.

Easy Maintenance & Service
The MINI’s arrangement of components was designed with maintenance and service in mind. The cleanable condenser filter is accessed from the outside of the chiller without tools. Condenser air ow is arranged so that troubleshooting of the refrigerant circuit can be performed while the chiller is running. And a simple red/green status light (models M08 & M10) keeps the operator up to date, while alarm codes from the controller display provide more detailed information.

Wide Operating Range
Accepting coolant inlet temperatures up to 95°F (35°C) and providing coolant outlet temperature as low as 23°F (-5°C) allows the TAEevoTech MINI to meet the widest range of applications. And with an ambient air temperature limit of 113°F (45°C), the MINI performs well even in extreme environments.

TAEevo Tech MINI - Standard Features and Available Options

TAEevo Tech MINI Standard Features

  • Eco-friendly refrigerants (R134a or R410a)
  • Large coolant storage tank with the evaporator
  • Tank drain, ll & overow connections
  • Non-ferrous coolant circuit
  • Coolant level indicator
  • Cleanable metal condenser air filter
  • Digital microprocessor-based control
  • Large red/green status light
  • Remote start/stop input and alarm output contacts

TAEevo Tech MINI Available Options

  • Casters
  • Higher pressure pump (72 psi)
  • Tank level switch
  • Close temperature control (+/- 1°F)
  • Dynamic setpoint (follows ambient temperature)
  • Stainless steel wash-down casing (IP54)
  • Coolant pressure by-pass kit
  • Coolant isolation kit
TAEevo Tech MINI- Documentation ( PDF )

TAEevo Tech M05 / M10 Flyer – MTA TAEevo Tech M05 / M10 promotional flyer

Service Manual – MTA TAEevo Tech M10 service manual

Electrical Schematic – MTA TAEevo Tech M10 electrical schematic

General-Arrangement – MTA TAEevo Tech M10 general arrangement

TAEevo Tech MINI Specifications

TAEevo Tech MINI03050810
Cooling capacity (1)Tons0.390.670.831.23
Total absorbed power (1)kW0.660.811.061.4
Finned coil - copper tubes-aluminium fins
Power supplyV/Ph/Hz
230/1/60 - 115/1/60
PumpType (2)PPPP
Construction (3)BB/RB/RB/R
TankVolume (gallons)4466
Construction (4)POLPOLPOLPOL
Dimensions (inches)Width19191919
Shipping weightlbs170172212220

(1) Evaporator water inlet/outlet temperature 55 /45°F, external air temperature 95°F.

(2) Peripheral – positive displacement.

(3) B=brass. B/R = brass/Ryton polymer.

(4) POL = polyethylene.

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