LORS Model 826 – GMAW Seam Welder

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LORS Model 826 – GMAW Seam Welder replacement / spare parts and support services from Weld Systems Integrators. The LORS Model 826 – GMAW Seam Welder is part of our hollow metal door welder and door frame welder repair / rebuild and upgrade service capabilities.

This Seam Welder welds longitudinal seams – butt seams, overlap seams, and lock joints – on the door edge. Automatically detects hinges, door length, and strike plates for reduced set-up. Push-button options select for stitch and continuous weld. Incorporates a non-marring roller table for easy, worry-free loading and unloading. Doors can also pass through the machine, enabling greater flexibility in workflow design. Easily welds Electro-Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, and CRS. Many options are available, including 8′, 10′, and custom door lengths, as well as welding packages from OTC, Panasonic, Lincoln, and Miller, and configured for 100% CO2 shield gas operation.

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LORS Model Model 826 GMAW Seam Welder

LORS Model 826 GMAW Welder

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