Hollow Metal Door Industry Welders

Weld Systems Integrators designs and manufacturers standard and special resistance welders for the economical production of steel doors and frames. We also provide replacement parts, repair and rebuild services, upgrades and preventive maintenance for LORS Machinery and other hollow metal door welder manufacturers.

Frame welders from Weld Systems Integrators:

End Channel Welders

  • End Channel Welder featuring five (5) transformers and nine (9) reciprocatingtype weld guns, 70 kVA rated.

Hinge Reinforcement Welders

  • Dual Gun Projection Welder, 120 kVA rated. Designed for projection welding hinge reinforcements to jambs, one hinge per sequence. Dual gun design assures correct weld force on both ends of hinge reinforcement and eliminates weld force distribution problems common to single gun projection welders.
  • A Four (4) Station, Eight (8) Head Hinge Reinforcement Welder, permits welding four hinges per sequence. Features eight (8) weld guns and four (4) transformers, 120 kVA rated.

Pressure Plate Welders

  • Dual Station Welder, 85 kVA rated. Station one (1) is for welding pressure plate to jamb single hit projection weld. Station two (2) is for welding gussets to end of jamb with dual equalizing guns.

Stud & Floor Anchor Welders

  • Dual Gun Projection Welder, 85 kVA rated. This welder is designed for welding stud and floor anchors to door frames. Features two adjustable retraction stroke ram-type weld guns and replaceable weld dies.

Anchor & Plumb Bracket Welders

  • Single Gun Retraction Projection Welder, 85 kVA rated. This welder is designed to weld anchor and plumb brackets.

Door welders from Weld Systems Integrators:

Hinge Reinforcement Welders

  • Horizontal dual gun projection welder, 120 kVA rated. Designed for projection welding hinge reinforcements to doors. Horizontal design permits welding with door in the flat position eliminating need to stand door on edge and reduces handling.

Stiffener Welders

  • Multi-Spot Welder with ten (10) guns, two (2) transformers rated 70 kVA. Includes a 62” wide pass-thru portal for welding two, three or four hat-type reinforcing stiffeners onto a door panel.
  • Multi-Spot Stiffener Welder featuring twenty (20) guns and five (5) welding transformers rated 120 kVA. Designed for welding hat section stiffeners onto doors up to 8 ft. long.
  • Multiple-Spot Welder with twenty eight (28) weld guns and seven (7) transformers rated 150 kVA. Designed to weld 16 gauge hat section stiffeners to door skin (up to 10 ft. long).

End Channel Welder

  • End Channel Welder featuring a single transformer rated 70 kVA and six (6) reciprocating-type weld guns on 4” centers that reach inside the end channel. This welder is capable of welding end channels on both narrow and wide doors.

GMAW Seam Welder

  • This Seam Welder welds longitudinal seams – butt seams, overlap seams, and lock-joints – on the door edge. Automatically detects hinges, door length, and strike plates for reduced set-up.

Lock Box & Strike Welder

  • An economical Single Gun Horizontal Projection Welder, 85 kVA rated. Designed primarily for projection welding lock boxes but also capable of welding strikes and low volume hinge reinforcements (one tab at a time).
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