LORS Model 806 – Stiffener Welder Parts and Support

Available from Weld Systems Integrators, Inc.

LORS Model 806 – Stiffener Welder replacement / spare parts and support from Weld Systems Integrators. WSI provides replacement parts, repair and rebuild services and equipment support for your LORS door welders and welding equipment, including the LORS Model 806 – Stiffener Welder.

Multi-Spot Stiffener Welder featuring twenty (20) guns and five (5) welding transformers rated 120 kVA. Designed for welding hat section stiffeners onto doors up to 8 ft. long. Includes locators for the hat sections and front roller tables with dog gauges-flip stops for manual indexing. Microprocessor control with cascade firing to minimize demand on plant electrical mains. 3-phase load distribution also available.

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LORS Model 806 Stiffener Welder-blue

LORS Model 806 Multi-Spot Stiffener Welder

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