LORS Machinery Model 771 – Hinge Reinforcement Welder

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LORS Model 771 – Hinge Reinforcement Welder replacement / spare parts and support services from Weld Systems Integrators. The LORS Model 771 – Hinge Reinforcement Welder is part of our hollow metal door welder and door frame welder repair / rebuild and upgrade service capabilities.

Dual Gun Projection Welder, 120 kVA rated. Designed for projection welding hinge reinforcements to jambs, one hinge per sequence. Dual gun design assures correct weld force on both ends of hinge reinforcement and eliminates weld force distribution problems common to single gun projection welders. Welder features a pneumatically-operated jamb clamp and pin fixture with time delay to lower pin for transfer of jamb to subsequent position for welding. Includes an anti-tie down dual palm switch initiation and a solid-state welding control with up to 300 weld schedule capability.

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LORS Model 771 Hinge Reinforcement Welder

LORS Model 771 Dual Gun Projection Welder

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