AMADA WELD TECH DC29 Linear DC Spot Welding Control with Built-in Monitor

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The DC29 linear DC spot welding control from AMADA WELD TECH (formerly Amada Miyachi) is a 200-4000 amp linear DC control with four feedback modes designed to adapt to part and process variables. Weld energy may be programmed in current, voltage, power, or V-A, in increments as short as .01 milliseconds making this spot welder ideal for small applications in the electronic component and battery pack markets.

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  • Four control modes: current, voltage, power and V-A (voltage-current)
  • Single phase input
  • Compact size
  • Dual pulse schedules
  • Precisely controlled repeatable waveform
  • Very fast rise time

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A successor to model DC25, DC29 features a variety of updates, including greatly improved waveform control and faster rise time, as well as new side-mounted buss bars with threaded inserts for mounting weld cables, simplified rear panel I/O connections, and an on/off switch on the front for increased convenience.

DC29 may be used in conjunction with one of our many weld heads as a single operator benchtop unit and is well-suited for integration into semi or fully automated resistance welding systems.  AMADA WELD TECH specializes in designing and building fully integrated, semi-automated and fully automated resistance spot welding machines.  See our Integrated Systems brochure for more information.

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