AMADA WELD TECH DC2013-T Spot Welding Power Supply

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The DC2013-T from AMADA WELD TECH (formally Amada Miyachi) is a high performance resistance spot welding power supply, combining touch panel integrated database process control and monitoring with ultra high duty and low ripple 3000 A DC output. Integrating state of the art technologies, this unit takes the concept of real-time SPC process control to unsurpassed levels, allowing welding database profiles to be stored, monitored and adjusted from anywhere in the world via TCP/IP Ethernet.

Resistance Spot Welding Power Supply

  • Ultra high duty, low ripple 3000 A output
  • Full TCP/IP Ethernet interfacing
  • Built-in graphical SPC functionality
  • Automation-ready

The internal database technology provides process and production engineers with a vast array of process control features by which to enhance production line quality control and monitoring methodologies.

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