TIP FORCE GAUGES from Weld Systems Integrators

Tip force gauges can accurately measure weld force at the weld. Tip force gauges are available in different force ranges, and with digital or analog readout in pounds or kilograms.

Standard hydraulic tip force gauges are a low cost method for obtaining general force measurements.

Digital-hydraulic tip force gauges delivers better accuracy than standard hydraulic gauges but at a lower price than all-digital models. Unit of measurement are often selectable between pounds, kilograms and newtons. Digital-hydraulic tip force gauges typically maintain an accuracy of 2% for 30% to 90% of the gauge’s range.

Digital-Electronic tip force gauges produce the highest accuracy (0.5% for 95% of the gauges range). Often equipped with LCD readouts with peak-hold capabilities. All functions are electronic which prevents variations caused by flexing.

Weld Systems Integrators offers tip force gauges (from Tuffaloy, Amada Miyachi and TECNA). We keep an inventory IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, OHIO location for quick shipment and delivery.

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Tuffaloy Tip Force Gauges | Weld Systems IntegratorsAmada Miyachi Tip Force Gauge | Weld Systems IntegratorsTECNA Tip Force Gauges | Weld Systems Integrators
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Tuffaloy Tip Force Gauges

Tuffaloy supplies a broad range of weld force gauges, available with accuracies from 0.5% for Digital-Electronic gauges; to 2% accuracy for the Digital-Hydraulic which has a digital output driven by hydraulics; to our Standard Hydraulic models with 2%-3% accuracy. All are available in English and metric readouts.

Tuffaloy DLC Gauge | Weld Systems IntegratorsTuffaloy Digital Electronic Weld Probe | Weld Systems IntegratorsTuffaloy Digital Hydraulic Gauge | Weld Systems IntegratorsTuffaloy Analog Hydraulic Gauge | Weld Systems Integrators
DLC Digital-Electric Weld Force GaugeDigital-Electronic Weld Force ProbeDigital-Hydraulic Weld Force GaugeAnalog-Hydraulic Weld Force Gauge

Click here to view the DLC Weld-Force Gauge VIDEO.

Amada Miyachi Tip Force Gauge

Amada Miyachi Tip Force Gauge | Weld Systems Integrators

Force Gauges are used to help define weld schedules and calibrate weld heads.

Amada Miyachi offers 4 force range options:

  • FG20 – 20 lbs capacity
  • FG10kg – 10kg capacity
  • FG100 – 100lbs capacity
  • FG100kg – 100kg capacity

TECNA Hydraulic Tip Force Gauge

TECNA Tip Force Gauges | Weld Systems Integrators

These instruments are designed for electrodes weld force measurements. Useful for welder set-up and quality control.

A double scale allows force reading in kN and lbs. A mechanical indicator holds the maximum reached force. All instruments are equipped with carrying case. Every instruments is individually tested and equipped with its calibration certificate.


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