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Digital and Analog-Hydrualic Force Gauges FOR SALE at Weld Systems Integrators

First step of Resistance Welding Quality Assurance is validating your weld force is correct!

Tuffaloy supplies a broad range of weld force gauges, available with accuracies from 0.5% for Digital-Electronic gauges; to 2% accuracy for the Digital-Hydraulic which has a digital output driven by hydraulics; to our Standard Hydraulic models with 2%-3% accuracy. All are available in English and metric readouts.

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Problems caused by incorrect weld force:

If Weld Force is Too Low…

  • Expulsion at Weld Interface
  • Surface Expulsion/Electrode Sticking
  • Low Weld Strength
  • Internal Cracks in Weld Nugget

If Weld Force is Too High…

  • Excessive Weld Indentation
  • Cracks in Parent Material

What is incorrect force costing you every day?

Tuffaloy supplies a range of weld force gauges to fit your needs. All gauges come with a Certificate of Calibration.

We offer:

  • Hydraulic Analog Gauges with 2-3% accuracy
  • Digital-Electronic Gauges (DLC) with 0.5% accuracy
  • Weld Through Digital Probes with 0.5% accuracy

All gauges can be returned to Tuffaloy for calibration, repairs if needed, and NIST certification.

Weld Systems Integrators offers weld force gauges from Tuffaloy. We keep an inventory IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, OHIO location for quick shipment and delivery. Contact WSI at 844-974-9353 or +1-216-475-5629 of available inventory.

PartDescriptionMax. Force MeasurementGauge TypeOverall LengthUnit of Measure
601-8444MD-KNDigital Weld Probe 44.48 KN w/ swivel head with case44.48 kNInsulated Digital15IN
601-8010MDDigital Weld Probe 1000 LB w/ swivel head with case1000 LBSInsulated Digital15IN
601-8222MD-KNDigital Weld Probe 22.24 KN w/ swivel head with case22.24 KNInsulated Digital15IN
601-8136MD-KGDigital Weld Probe 1360 KG w/ swivel head with case1360 KGInsulated Digital15IN
601-8044MD-KNDigital Weld Probe 4.45 KN w/ swivel head with case4.45 kNInsulated Digital15IN
601-8133MD-KNDigital Weld Probe 13.30 KN w/ swivel head with case13.30 kNInsulated Digital15IN
601-8045MD-KGDigital Weld Probe 454 KG w/ swivel head with case454 KGInsulated Digital15IN
601-8453MD-KGDigital Weld Probe 4540 KG w/ swivel head with case4540 KGInsulated Digital15IN
601-10000DLCDigital Weld Gauge 10000Lb/4540Kg/44.48KN with case10,000 LBSDigital13
601-3000DLCDigital Weld Gauge 3000Lb/1360Kg/13.34KN with case3,000 LBSDigital13IN
601-5000Analog Weld Gauge 5000 LB without case5,000 LBSAnalog8IN
601-5000DLCDigital Weld Gauge 5000Lb/2272Kg/22.24KN with case5,000 LBSDigital13IN
601-8006Analog Weld Gauge 600 LB without case600 LBSAnalog6IN
601-8020Analog Weld Gauge 2000 LB without case2,000 LBSAnalog6IN
601-8030Analog Weld Gauge 3000 LB without case3,000 LBSAnalog6IN
601-8100Analog Weld Gauge 10000 LB without case10,000 LBSAnalog8IN
601-8100MDDigital Weld Probe 10000 LB w/ swivel head with case10,000 LBSInsulated Digital15IN
601-8227MD-KGDigital Weld Probe 2270 KG w/ swivel head with case2,270 KGSInsulated Digital15IN
601-8300MDDigital Weld Probe 3000 LB w/ swivel head with case3,000 LBSInsulated Digital15IN
601-8500MDDigital Weld Probe 5000 LB w/ swivel head with case5,000 LBSInsulated Digital15IN

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